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Skyward is the leading authority on safe, efficient drone operations. Gain comprehensive oversight of teams, equipment, projects, and flights, as well as automated access to controlled airspace and a digital system of record. We can provision drones, tablets, and data-processing software to get your program up and running, and our experts can help you develop a proof of concept, create efficient workflows, and train your team.

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Software & Guidance

Software & Guidance

Companies use Skyward to manage complexity, lower risks, and automate workflows—plus expert advice on drones, sensors, training, and much more.

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Airspace Intelligence

Airspace Intelligence

Ensure safe flights with up-to-the-minute airspace regulations and flight restrictions, and gain near-instant access to fly in controlled airspace with LAANC.

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Regulatory Waivers

Regulatory Waivers

Does your company need to fly at night, over people, or BVLOS? We’ll help you meet safety requirements and get permission from your regulator.

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Skyward’s Airspace Map Gives Drone Pilots Unprecedented Intelligence

The drone pilots who rely on Skyward now have access to more preflight situational awareness than they’ve ever had before. Our redesigned drone airspace map combines a clear design, airspace data, and LAANC access with essential ground intelligence including 3D views of key structures, transmission lines, and more than a million vertical obstacles.

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How Skyward Helps Customers Find Success and Avoid Headaches

We know that the managers in charge of corporate drone programs often have many competing responsibilities. When your company joins Skyward, our customer success team steps in to help you manage drone operations so you can successfully stand up the new drone program—and continue to be successful in your day job, too.

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Skyward is a Verizon company

Same expertise, bigger resources

In April 2017, Verizon acquired Skyward. This has allowed us to scale up our product development and test UAV connectivity on the nation’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network.

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Access LAANC with Skyward

With Skyward, any Part 107 pilot can get automated access to fly in U.S. controlled airspace in just seconds. In October 2017, Skyward became the first drone ops management platform certified by the FAA to provide LAANC access.

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Regulatory Advocacy

Skyward advises government and industry working groups and is a leading advocate for safe, sensible regulations that encourage business innovation and maintain the integrity of the national airspace. Skyward participates in the FAA’s Drone Advisory Council, AUVSI Advocacy Board, Global UTM Association, and many others.

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