The best software enables you to focus on your work, not the process. Skyward allows you to track and report what matters most to your business. When a new need arises, add it into your workflow and keep flying.

Being flexible becomes especially important in our nascent industry where even the requirements from regulators are subject to change. For example, you may have followed the news in the U.S. regarding the FAA and drone registration. For registration needs in any jurisdiction, you can already add details to your current setup and have that data tied into your flight records for reporting purposes.


What exactly are custom fields?

Custom fields are name/value pairs that become part of the permanent data stored with your organization. You choose the name of the data field you want to track, and then you’re free to enter the value that best suits the record.

[jumbotron]Custom fields are available in these areas:

  • Flight Logs
  • Drones
  • Batteries
  • Personnel
  • Organization Details


Creating and Using Custom Fields

To create a new custom field, type in a Label (the name of the field) and the Value (can be left blank). To add more, click the + Add button to the right and create as many fields as you need.

Once you have created a custom field, it will be available for you to use on any similar record type in your organization. For example, fields you create in a flight log will be available for all other flight logs. To use the same field on another record, click in the label box. A drop down menu of available choices will appear. Begin typing the first letters of the Label to narrow down the list of choices. Click the one you want to use.


Custom fields are specific per area. For instance, fields created in a flight log will not be available in a battery record. However, you could quickly create the same field in a battery record.

What type of data should I track?

In the flight log example below there is a mix of regulatory, business, and operational fields being captured. We recommend prefacing each Value name with a general category, such as “COA Log”, “Biz”, or “On-site.”


Drag and drop to rearrange

If you want to rearrange the order of the custom fields, simply drag and drop as shown below:

Custom Setup and Additional Help

If you’re unsure of what data to track, or have any other related questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The experts on our Professional Services team can assist in all phases of drone operation, from getting your regulatory exemptions, building your operating manuals, to custom software setup.

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