Drone Prize is a nationwide contest that brings hobbyists together,  promotes STEM education, and showcases innovative ways to use drones for good. Throughout history, we have sought new perspectives, and now the aerial perspective is becoming available to everyone.  Skyward was the lead sponsor of the 2014 Drone Prize and we were thrilled to see the finalists compete at the culminating event in Oregon. Our friends at the Roswell Test Flight Crew were excellent event hosts and created a fantastic series of videos showcasing highlights of the Done Prize finals. Stay tuned as we release the videos here on the blog. If you haven’t already seen them, check out the winning entrants’ submissions now:

1. Furman University

2. Grady High School

3. Three Chicks and a Drone

Low cost unmanned aircraft systems are emerging to democratize access to the aerial perspective, and to put it in service of the common good. These three groups did an excellent job of demonstrating potential use cases as well as showing a thorough understanding of safety. We look forward to following their work in the space and seeing what new, creative use cases entrants to the 2015 Drone Prize demonstrate.