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Drone fleet managers rely on Skyward’s airspace map, risk management tools, and flight insights for operational oversight of their drone programs. Pilots in the field use InFlight, Skyward’s mobile app & ground control station, as part of seamless experience from the office to the job site. And program managers back at the office can process the drone data collected to produce 2D maps and 3D models right from the Skyward platform.


Plan with Skyward’s drone airspace map and fleet management tools

Skyward’s drone airspace map offers easy-to-understand airspace intelligence and key ground data. Plan flights, assign crews, and request near-instant access to fly in controlled airspace with LAANC. Use risk assessment tools and checklists to standardize procedures, streamline efficiency, and minimize risks.

Planning Features


Fly with automated flight modes in Skyward’s InFlight mobile app

InFlight, Skyward’s mobile app, brings the power of Skyward's airspace intelligence, flight planning, and risk assessment tools into the field. InFlight offers a ground control station (GCS) and automated flight modes for compatible drones. And live flight tracking enables managers to monitor flights as they happen.

InFlight Features


Process with Skyward Mapping & Modeling

Turn drone data into 2D maps and 3D models from Skyward’s web app. Skyward Mapping & Modeling is powered by Pix4D, the market leader in photogrammetry software technology. Analyze your data and produce business-ready deliverables without leaving Skyward – no need to juggle multiple platforms.

Data Processing Features

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The Skyward Drone Management Workflow

Check Airspace & Plan Your Flights

Check Airspace & Plan Your Flights

Use Skyward’s web or mobile apps to check for controlled or restricted airspace and other advisories. Draw a precise area of operation, mark hazards, and view 3D ground structures.

Request LAANC Access to Controlled Airspace

Request LAANC Access to Controlled Airspace

In controlled airspace with LAANC enabled, request access and receive a response in seconds. Or request further coordination in advance to operate above LAANC altitude limits.

ssign Teams & Request Approval

Assign Teams & Request Approval

Assign crew, aircraft, and equipment to an operation. Request a review of your operation from stakeholders and check your approval status.

Assess Risk & Use Pre-Flight Checklists

Assess Risk & Use Pre-Flight Checklists

Complete your risk assessment and receive an automated risk score. Run through your pre-flight checklists to make sure you’re all set to fly.

Fly Manual & Automated Drone Flights

Fly Manual & Automated Drone Flights

Use InFlight, Skyward’s mobile app, to fly your mission and automatically log your flight to Skyward. Fly survey, orbit, and point-to-point missions with InFlight’s Automated Flight Modes.

Monitor Drone Flights

Monitor Drone Flights

See the location, identity, and speed of all your active drone flights in near-real time with Skyward’s Live Flight Tracking.

Review Operation & Check Flight Logs

Review Operation & Check Flight Logs

Close out the operation by reviewing flight logs and recording your results. See every flight from all your teams, or drill down into the details of an individual flight.

Process Your Drone Data

Process Your Drone Data

Process drone data with Skyward Mapping & Modeling. View and analyze 2D maps and 3D models in Skyward, or export them for use in third-party tools.

Skyward Drone Operations Management Platform Features


Airspace Map & Ground Data

Easy-to-understand airspace, 3D views of ground objects, VFR map layer, and much more

Personnel & Aircraft Management

See crew certification statuses & track aircraft maintenance tickets

Access to Controlled Airspace

Submit LAANC airspace requests and get a response in seconds

Approval Workflow

Request approval from key stakeholders before deploying to the field

Operation Planning

Create precise flight areas for an operation & assign crews & aircraft

Skyward APIs

Integrate Skyward data into third-party business systems



InFlight Mobile App & GCS

Bring Skyward to iOS, Android, and select DJI devices


Build customizable checklists and complete them in the field

Automated Flight Modes

Fly programmed survey, orbit, and point to point missions

Flight Logging

Automatically log flights from Skyward InFlight and compatible third-party apps

Risk Assessment

Identify & document critical risks to an operation with customizable risk questions

Program Insights

Quickly compare data across all your teams, or drill down to individual flights

Live Flight Tracking

View your active drone flights in near-real time for situational awareness & oversight


3D Modeling

Create, view, and measure 3D photogrammetric models from the Skyward platform

2D Mapping

Create, view, and measure 2D orthomosaic models from the Skyward platform

Powered by Pix4D

Pix4D is the market leader in photogrammetry software technology

Model Exporting

View maps and models in Skyward or export to third-party systems for advanced analysis

Integrate Your Systems with Skyward APIs

Skyward offers APIs to integrate airspace information, flight operation planning, and drone program reporting from Skyward into your existing business intelligence platform.

Download API Specs

SureFlight API Icon

SureFlight API

For airspace information & flight planning

  • Quickly determine if it is safe to fly from a compatible mapping application
  • Receive notifications if further coordination is needed in LAANC-enabled airspace
Reporting API Icon

Reporting API

For drone program management data

  • Run queries on operations, flights, personnel, aircraft, and batteries
  • Integrates into your company’s existing business intelligence tools
Operations API Icon

Operations API

For planning drone flights

  • Plan flights and deploy fleets from any compatible application
  • Integrate flight planning and logging into your business intelligence tools

Skyward Drone Software Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Skyward’s software cost?

Skyward offers several subscription tiers depending on your drone program’s size, scale, and maturity. Different features are available at various tiers. Subscriptions are usually based on a price-per-user model. Visit our Pricing page for cost breakdowns.

What’s special about Skyward’s Drone Airspace Map?

Skyward’s airspace map is meticulously designed to simplify complex information. It features a simple, accessible color scheme to help pilots quickly determine if their area of operation is in restricted airspace or if they need to request an airspace authorization. Variable zoom provides the information you need at the altitude you’re viewing. And Skyward offers four map layers: satellite, terrain, dark, and even a Visual Flight Rules (VFR) sectional chart layer for more experienced aviators. Read this article to learn more about the design and function behind Skyward’s drone airspace map.

What ground information does Skyward’s software offer?

Skyward includes ground intelligence such as 3D views of buildings and structures, airport runways, terrain elevation, schools, hospitals, walking paths, major electrical lines, and more. This data comes from a variety of sources, including the FAA, FCC, Mapbox, and OpenStreetMap. Read this article for more information on Skyward’s ground intelligence data.

Why do I need the FAA’s LAANC capability for airspace access?

The FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) allows drone operators to submit automated requests for access to fly within controlled airspace. Before LAANC, the only way to receive this authorization was to manually apply for a waiver from the FAA, which could take up to 90 days. Skyward is an FAA-approved LAANC service supplier, which means that drone operators can request automated airspace authorizations via the Skyward platform. For more information, find out how to access LAANC in Skyward.

How accurate is Skyward’s Mapping and Modeling for drones?

Skyward Mapping & Modeling is powered by Pix4D, the market leader in photogrammetry software technology. This capability produces high-quality, business-ready 2D maps and 3D models that can be viewed and measured within the Skyward platform. Maps and models can also be exported to third-party software for advanced analysis. Learn more about Skyward Mapping & Modeling

Does Skyward have a mobile app?

Yes. Skyward offers InFlight, a mobile app and ground control station (GCS). InFlight is available for iOS and Android, including DJI Crystal Sky monitor and DJI Smart Controller. Learn more about Skyward’s InFlight Mobile App.

Do I need Skyward APIs?

Skyward’s APIs are designed for enterprise customers who need to import drone program data into their existing business intelligence systems. For customers who don’t have heavy BI systems, Skyward offers the Program Manager Dashboard, a pre-built reporting dashboard that doesn’t require any experience setting up custom APIs. Contact a Skyward representative to learn more about Skyward’s APIs.

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