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All drones we resell are compatible with Skyward’s Drone Management Platform, and select models are compatible with the Skyward InFlight mobile app and ground control station. Skyward offers drones by themselves or as a custom kit including key supporting accessories in a portable hard case, ready to deploy to the field.

Parrot Drones


Parrot ANAFI Ai
The world’s first off-the-shelf drone powered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network, featuring obstacle avoidance, 48 MP imaging, 4K video, and 32 minutes of flight time in an airframe that weighs less than 2 pounds.

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Manufactured in the U.S. to meet stringent NDAA Section 848 data security requirements, giving first responders and enterprise professionals two 12 MP CMOS sensors with 32x continuous zoom, and professional-grade thermal imaging.

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Commercial-grade portable drone featuring a 21 MP 4K camera with a 180° gimbal in a compact, 1 lb package.

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ANAFI Thermal

ANAFI Thermal
Radiometric thermal imaging combined with a 4K visible light camera and a 180° gimbal in a highly compact form factor.

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DJI Drones

DJI Mavic Zoom

Mavic 2 Zoom
Versatile and flexible, sporting a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor with 2x optical zoom that generates 12 MP images and 4K video along with omnidirectional obstacle sensing in a compact form factor.

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DJI Mavic Dual

Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
Designed for first responders with thermal imaging, 4K video, obstacle avoidance, modular accessories, and enterprise features in a compact form factor.

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DJI Mavic Zoom

Mavic 2 Enterprise Zoom
The flexibility of 2x optical/3x digital zoom and 4K video with modular accessories, obstacle avoidance, and other enterprise features.

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DJI Matrice 210

Matrice 210 V2
Capable and versatile quadcopter with heavier lifting capacity and multiple gimbal configurations, featuring compatibility with a variety of swappable payloads.

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DJI Matrice 600

Matrice 600 Pro
Heavy-lift modular hexacopter featuring an advanced flight controller, simple setup, RTK compatibility for centimeter-level accuracy, native compatibility with a wide variety of Zenmuse gimbals, and more.

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Drone Accessories

Skyward offers supporting equipment for your drone operation beyond what comes in the box. Our accessories help promote situational awareness, operational safety, and regulatory compliance. And it’s all packaged as a custom kit in a portable hard case.

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Drone Kits

Accessories vary by drone purchased, but may include:

  • Tablet or smart controller + cables
  • Micro SD cards
  • Drone manufacturer accessories
  • Drone manufacturer extended warranty
  • Tablet mount holder
  • Extra drone batteries
  • Weather meter
  • Weighted landing pad
  • Packaged in portable hard case with foam inserts

Operations Kit Icon

Field Operations Kit

Key supporting equipment for drone crews in the field. Includes:

  • Walkie-talkies
  • Weather meter
  • High-visibility vests
  • Collapsible cones
  • Memory card carrying case
  • Memory card reader/writer
  • LED headlamps
  • Canvas travel bags
  • Tablet sunshade hood
  • Airband scanner
  • Drone battery charger
  • Custom kitted in hard case

Need additional equipment? Other accessories are available including tablets, gimbals, sensors, and cameras.

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