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Ensure Safe, Efficient Flights

Fleet managers in the office and pilots in the field rely on Skyward’s airspace map, management tools, and flight insights for operational oversight of their drone programs. Our browser-based enterprise app seamlessly integrates with Skyward’s InFlight mobile app for drone ops management from the office to the field.

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Airspace Access & Flight Planning

Airspace Access & Flight Planning

With our interactive airspace map, you can review regulations and TFRs, plan flights, collaborate with crews, and gain near-instant access to fly in controlled airspace with LAANC.

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Efficient, Low-Risk Flights

Efficient, Low-Risk Flights

Standardized flight procedures are safe flight procedures. Customize flight and operational checklists to support your workflows, meet corporate safety requirements, and ensure efficiency.

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System of Record

System of Record

With all your pilots, flight hours, authorizations, aircraft, and projects in one place, Skyward is your drone operation's complete system of record and provides transparency for managers and legal teams.

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Skyward’s Industry-Leading Airspace Intelligence

Skyward drone airspace map LAANC altitudes

Skyward’s airspace map has been meticulously designed to simplify complex airspace at lower altitudes

The drone pilots who rely on Skyward now have access to more preflight situational awareness than they’ve ever had before. Our redesigned drone airspace map combines a clear design, airspace data, and LAANC access with essential ground intelligence including 3D views of key structures, transmission lines, and more than a million vertical obstacles.

Skyward’s industry-leading Airspace Intelligence includes:

  • Restricted airspace (red shapes), including TFRs, MOAs, and other flight restrictions ƒ 
  • LAANC-enabled controlled airspace (blue shapes). Submit an airspace access request through Skyward and receive a response within seconds. ƒ
  • Other controlled airspace (orange shapes), for example, non-LAANC airports ƒ
  • Advisory airspace (yellow shapes), including state parks, schools, hospitals, and other sensitive locations. ƒ
  • Special flight rules areas (orange or red shapes) ƒ
  • Airport runway orientations (long solid yellow lines)

Essential ground intelligence for greater situational awareness ƒ

Drone operators need to plan for hazards on the ground as well as in the sky. Skyward’s airspace map integrates critical ground intelligence, including:

  • Major power transmission lines ƒ
  • Pedestrian walking paths ƒ
  • Over a million vertical obstacles ƒ
  • 3D mode – tilt and pan map at virtually any angle ƒ
  • 3D views of key ground obstacles such as buildings and structures Drone operators need to plan for hazards on the ground as well as in the sky.

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Skyward Platform Features

For comprehensive details on Skyward's enterprise software, InFlight mobile app and ground control station, and APIs, download our guide to Skyward's software platform.

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Feature Spotlight: Live Flight Tracking

No matter where you’re running your drone operations from, Skyward now offers the capability to see all your organization’s active drone flights in essentially real time. For managers in the office, this empowers greater oversight and transparency across the organization. For pilots in the field, it increases situational awareness and supports coordination during complex aviation operations.

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Feature Spotlight: Risk Assessment for Safer Drone Operations

With our brand new risk assessment tool, we’re helping drone program managers proactively identify and document critical risks to an operation. It’s another key element in a complete digital system of record for your drone ops.

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Download The Skyward Guide to Starting a Drone Program

Expert advice on starting, managing, and expanding corporate drone programs.

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Expert Support

When you become a Skyward customer, you get more than airspace intelligence, fleet management software, and consulting services — you'll also receive expert guidance and support from our customer success team. That means you'll always have a single point of contact to reach out to with questions and concerns, and know that a Skyward team member is advocating on your behalf. We're proud of our customer success team and believe that they are the best in the industry. They're commercial drone pilots, technology enthusiasts, and they have a passion for helping our customers maximize their investment in drones across their entire company.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Skyward was the biggest factor in getting our drone program approved. What our legal team loved was the thoroughness of the software and the ability to document pilots. All of our information is on the web and contained in one database, so all of our district teams, our legal team, and the safety team can access this information whenever they need to.

Richard Lopez

Virtual Design and Construction Manager, Hensel Phelps

Webinar: 3 Ways to Jump Start Your Drone Program feat. the City of Salem

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