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5G Is the Future of Drones

Verizon and Skyward are making connected drones a reality with 5G ultra wideband and the safe integration and deployment of drones in the national airspace.

5G offers low latency, high bandwidth, and security—foundational elements for autonomous flights.

With drone flights connected to the Verizon network, we'll finally have real-time digital access to the physical world at scale. Today, drones are another "tool in the truck"; tomorrow, we'll be able to deploy hundreds or thousands of drones to obtain data, inspect infrastructure, deliver supplies, and make repairs.


[Webinar] The 5G Future of Drones

Join us on January 31 at 1 PM EST for a live presentation on what Verizon's 5G ultra wideband will mean for the future of remote deployments and autonomous flights—and what we need to make them a reality. Our expert presenters will cover needed regulatory advancements, technology requirements, and use cases. Can't make it? Register anyway, and we'll be sure to send you a copy of the recording and slides.

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