I’m enthused to share that 2019 finds me in a new job, changing titles and even the logo on my business card, but I’m not going very far. Since acquiring Skyward in 2017, Verizon has been leading a new industrial category in connected aviation and has invested in our team’s expansion, today under the capable and inspired leadership of Skyward’s President and original COO, Mariah Scott. I’m excited to announce that I’m now graduating from the company I co-founded six years ago to join its parent company, and will support Mariah and the Skyward team as VP of Global Aviation Policy and Standards for Verizon.

The day-to-day for me in this new role won’t change much. I’ll continue to participate vibrantly in the forums focused on bridging globally standardized technologies with the policies of regulated aviation as a Verizon executive, as president of the Global UTM Association, at organizations like ICAO and GSMA, and in working with FAA to iterate and evolve programs like LAANC. Most importantly, I will be blazing a trail for LTE and 5G as aviation-grade technologies; these are key pieces of infrastructure for networked, autonomous, beyond line of site deployments of drones and all connected aircraft at enterprise scale. And I will now have the honor of representing a leading global telecommunications provider, Verizon, in the conversation.

From starting Skyward in 2012, to its acquisition by Verizon in 2017, to today when my greatest pride yet comes from seeing these most talented and dedicated colleagues and friends fully develop the project we started and built together, this has been a wonderful arc. It’s a great honor to now serve this Skyward project from its widest aperture, and to offer my beloved aviation industry a revolutionary new entrant in LTE and 5G, a dramatic catalyst to the era of Information Age Aviation.