Today is all about honoring veterans in the United States and many other countries, and it’s a day that means a lot to us at Skyward. I feel fortunate that my team includes so many veterans and active reserve members. Today and every day, we are grateful for their service and all that they bring to Skyward. 

Skyward wouldn’t be where it is without the contributions of our co-founders, employees, and contractors who are veterans or active members of reserve forces. In fact, it wouldn’t even exist. 

Military aviators comprise key members of Skyward’s founding team as well as some of our first full-time hires. As we’ve grown, we have continued to hire veterans for a wide variety of roles, and we will continue to do so. Our veteran colleagues are excellent collaborators who generously share their time and expertise. They set an example of accountability and integrity for each of us. 

Here, ten of my team members share a bit of what they bring from the military to their work at Skyward. Though their careers have been diverse, they each bring a level of professionalism, operational discipline, and commitment to getting the job done. These traits are essential for any aviation company, and they extend well beyond our flight operations.

Michael Wilson, Director, Aviation Operations
U.S. Navy, Commander, 25 Years
I entered the military and learned firsthand the importance of education. Through my military service I was afforded not only Leadership & Management education and experience but formal institutionalized education of a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Art and Masters of Public Administration degrees. In addition, I was afforded the opportunity to foster life core values of integrity, responsibility, accountability, respect, diversity, and inclusion. I also learned the importance and value of the sacrifices so many Veterans have made proving the freedom we share in the United States.

Shane Williams, Product Analyst
U.S. Air Force Reserves, Senior Master Sergeant, 24 years
A culture of aviation excellence and safety, plus accomplishing the mission.

Jake Weber, Testing and Evaluation Pilot, Skyward Co-Founder
Oregon National Guard Medevac, Chief Warrant Officer 3, 20 years
Core aviation competencies was an undeniable benefit that led me to where I am today. The joy and privilege of helping the citizens of our great state and beyond left indelible memories to be shared amongst the lifelong friendships created.

Bill Stafford, sUAS Consultant, Professional Services
U.S. Army, Chief Warrant Officer 3, 20 Years
Aviation program excellence, delivering results for our customers, teamwork, never accepting less than the best.

Robert Force, IT Support
U.S. Army, Staff Sergeant, 17 Years
Strength in teamwork geared toward the importance of Organization Success, plus an understanding that sometimes the job needs to get done no matter who does it.

Chris Johnson, PhD, Professional Services Consultant
U.S. Air Force, Technical Sergeant, 11 years
Leadership, Attention to Detail, Integrity, Service Before Self and Excellence in All I Do.

Ryan Wall, Director, Business Development & Strategic Planning
U.S. Air National Guard, Technical Sergeant, 10 years
Air Force core values can carry over to my civilian profession as well and lead to success: “Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do.”

Michael Hatch, Sales Development
U.S. Navy, Master-at-Arms 2, 4 years
The Navy gave me a sense of structure and work ethic. I learned that you need to work as a team to get things done and you can’t do everything on your own. Be the best you can be and the rest will fall into place.

Rodney Murray, Professional Services Consultant
U.S. Air Force, Airman First Class, 4 years
Avionics and flight systems, discipline, work ethic, and teamwork.

Paul Baur, Professional Services Consultant
Australian Army, Trooper
The Army provided me with a male role model in the absence of mine who passed away when I was young. Friendship, family, morals, loyalty, strong sense of self and others. Flight operations, technical abilities, safety and accountability to my myself and organization. 

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