How it works

Skyward’s drone management platform connects all the people, processes, and equipment involved in drone operations into one efficient workflow.

Receive a job order

Check Skyward’s interactive airspace map

  • View flight restrictions
  • Mark hazards for your crew to avoid
  • Mark points of interest
  • Includes VFR sectional
What Makes Our Map Different

Plan an operation

Collaborate with your crew in advance so they know exactly what’s expected

  • Set job specifications
  • Plan multiple flight areas
  • Include client-specific information
  • Assign pilots & equipment
  • Customize operation templates to meet your business requirements & save time

Schedule your crew

Schedule your crew or use Skyward to find a contract pilot

  • Need extra help? Use Pilot Finder to find qualified pilots
  • See flight hours, areas of expertise, & more
  • For Business & Enterprise subscribers
  • All subscribers can publish a profile in order to be found
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In the field

Ensure standardized, low-risk flight procedures

  • Pilots in the field use the Skyward mobile app to receive updated job information
  • Upload a preflight, post-flight, and emergency checklists to ensure safety
  • Log flights from the field, even offline—they’ll automatically sync once you’re back in range

Automated flight logs, visualization, & battery data

  • DJI Go
  • Drone Deploy
Syncing with DroneDeploy and DJI GO enables fast, automated log uploads, as well as the ability to visualize flight paths and battery health.

Close out

Once the operation is complete, close it out to add it to your company’s system of record

  • Download reports for efficient invoicing & reporting
  • Logged flight time aggregates across assigned pilots as well as your organization’s total hours

Manage your people, equipment, projects & workflow

Manage your personnel

Whether you have a crew of two or 2,000, your people are your most valuable asset
  • Track flight hours & ongoing training
  • See areas of expertise
  • Store pilot’s licenses, tax forms, & training certificates

Manage your business

Skyward serves as the system of record for your entire drone operation
  • One agnostic source for all of your flight logs
  • Store insurance policies, scopes of work, regulatory authorizations, landowner permissions, & master service agreements

Manage your equipment

Protect your assets & mitigate risks by keeping your equipment updated & maintained
  • Log incidents
  • Manage maintenance schedules
  • Track firmware updates
  • View locations of aircraft & batteries

Grow your business

Whether you’re expanding internationally or finding new customers, Skyward can help you grow
  • Publish your pilot profile to gain access to new customers
  • Standardize processes across far-flung teams
  • Get global airspace intelligence

Watch a two-minute recorded demo to see Skyward in action

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