Skyward supports enterprise drone programs at any stage. One way we do that is through our software, which offers tiers to support both startup programs and huge corporate fleets. We also offer consulting services such as the Quick-Start package. This helps companies get off the ground with the policies, drones, equipment, and training they need to start successful operations.

But what about programs that are already up and running and seeing ROI? How does Skyward help uplevel programs that are further down the road? It turns out, there are quite a few ways we help more sophisticated drone programs. As a consultant, this is one of my favorite parts of the job: talking shop with other drone pros and seeing all of the interesting ways they are putting drones to work.

Here are some of the ways we help existing drone programs reach the next stage:

  • Waivers and regulatory support – for more advanced operations such as flights over people or over 400 feet
  • Take Flight Package – helping customers refine and tailor their policies and procedures to their own corporate standards
  • Training Package – set up additional pilots with in-person and online resources

You can learn more about each of these on our pricing page.

Skyward also just added a brand new service: Program Check and Action Plan. It’s a chance for companies to run an expert-led checkup on their drone program to assess compliance, safety, and legal factors.

What is the Program Check and Action Plan?

This came directly from conversations with several of our customers: as a matter of policy, many companies require periodic validation of their programs by a third party. This is especially true for aviation programs, which can bring higher levels of risk. While drones may not seem to fit the bill of a typical aviation program, they still require periodic checkups.

For companies that have been up and running with drones for a while, inefficiencies can start to creep into the system. A few missing flight logs or some missed maintenance may not seem significant in the short term. But in the event of a sudden equipment failure — or even just through day-to-day productivity losses — the effects can become more significant.

That’s where bringing in an outside expert can help. The Program Check connects the company’s program manager with Skyward’s expert consultants for an in-depth operation review. The outcome is an Action Plan that provides practical ways the program can improve FAA regulatory compliance, promote a safety culture among operators, and optimize logistics and management. Ultimately, we want to save managers and safety teams weeks or even months of effort and increase the efficiency of the workflow.

How it works

The Program Check and Action Plan is intended for companies who have had a drone program up and running for at least six months. When a company purchases a Program Check, a Skyward consultant will set up an initial call to make introductions, discuss the program’s goals, and pinpoint potential areas of concern to focus on.

Then, the consultant will take a deep dive into the customer’s drone operations. They’ll look at a sampling of the pilots, aircraft, and operations to evaluate the program’s structural health. They’ll also interview the program manager to discuss operational practices, safety standards, and management concerns.

As the Skyward consultant reviews the program, they’ll prepare an Action Plan — a written report that provides both an evaluation of the program and a list of practical suggestions. The consultant will go over the report with the program manager, explaining areas of concern and action points. They’ll even schedule a follow-up call a few weeks later to assess the effectiveness of changes made and suggest additional course corrections as needed.

Ultimately, the Program Check and Action Plan helps a customer identify gaps in their drone program and determine how they may be able to increase safety, efficiency, and ROI. This potentially saves huge amounts of time, decreases program risk, and helps maintain compliance.

Interested in Skyward’s Program Check and Action Plan?

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