In most companies, the head of drone operations isn’t a full-time drone pilot. This person usually has a title like Project Manager, Construction Coordinator, Director of IT Development, or Health & Safety Officer—functions unrelated to drones. When it comes to leading a new drone program, multiple responsibilities can be an obstacle to successful deployment. Managers may not have time to wrangle aircraft, pilot training, and flight procedures while also dealing with their regular job.

As director of Skyward’s Customer Success Team, this is a problem I hear frequently. UAS managers want maximum return on their investment in drones. They also can’t afford to sacrifice the responsibilities of their primary role. So how can they launch a successful drone program while juggling everything else in their day-to-day workflow?

That’s exactly why Skyward created a Customer Success Team. Having someone who’s experienced with the tactical, day-to-day processes of organizing, implementing, structuring, and reporting on a drone program takes the legwork off a manager who already has a lot on their plate. When new customers join Skyward, we step in to help them manage drone operations so they can successfully stand up the new drone program—and continue to be successful in their day job, too.

Here’s what you can expect as a Skyward customer:

Onboarding Support

From day one, you have a dedicated customer success manager. In fact, we often begin to connect with customers even before they’ve subscribed to Skyward. We take the time to get to know you: your business, your goals, and what you want to achieve with drones. We want to know the different players in your program, from managers to pilots to end users of the data you’re gathering.

As we establish your objectives, we’ll walk you through setting up and getting started with Skyward’s software. We’re available to walk you through planning flights, checking airspace, and deploying safely in the field.

But we’re not just here to help you manage your software—we’re here for everything you need to get started.

We frequently help customers with:

  • Training. We can provide dozens of resources and strategies for getting new pilots up to speed, or connect you with an official online training course. We can even set you up with Skyward’s Professional Services team for an A-to-Z in-person training.
  • Standard operating procedures. We’ve helped dozens of customers customize standard operating manuals, checklists, and procedures to align with their corporate policies and goals. We can help you develop your own standards or get you started with Take Flight, a comprehensive guide to launching and managing a UAS program.
  • Hardware, software, and regulatory questions. Not sure which drone model your company should buy? Not sure where to start on getting a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate? We can provide expertise and connections to further resources.

Earlier this year, Skyward helped Moss, a major construction management company, launch a drone program. Ben Fritzsche, Assistant Project Manager at Moss, told us about his experience with Skyward as he went through training.

“When I reached out to Skyward for help, I got a call back within about 30 minutes. They helped me understand what the testing requirements were, where I was going to do it, and I felt that any questions I had could be handled by Skyward,” he said.

Workflow Integration

Once your program is up and running, we focus on helping you make drones a part of your day-to-day workflow. We want to help you achieve maximum return on investment and obtain the full value drones can offer your company.

“How do I structure my drone program and organize my pilots as operations are constantly growing and changing?” It’s one of the most common questions I receive from customers, whether large companies with hundreds of drones or smaller businesses beginning to scale up.

The answer? Its depends—on your particular business, goals, and outcomes.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why each customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager who knows you and your operations well. With years of experience in business and drone operations, your customer success manager can provide you with tailored advice specifically for your program. They can also connect you with Skyward’s extensive resources, connections, and aviation expertise.

As drones become a part of your everyday operations, we are a key contact you can come to for advice on anything related to drones.

Ongoing Success

Not only do we want to help you achieve value in your drone program, we want to help you continue achieving value.

You don’t just get 90 days of support, or a year; your customer success manager is available as long as you’re a customer. So, when it’s time to expand drones into a new business unit, or to a new location, we’ll be here. You can reach out as often as you need to for advice, feedback, or Skyward support.

Richard Lopez, Virtual Design and Construction Manager at Hensel Phelps Construction Company, has used Skyward since 2016. Skyward helped him launch the drone program at Hensel Phelps and has continued to provide support ever since.

“With Skyward, every time we call, if we need something they’re able to help us out rapidly,” Richard said.

 Want to see how Skyward’s comprehensive drone operations management software and services can help you launch a safe, efficient drone program? Watch a demo.