Drone operations can be complicated. Skyward makes it easier.

Skyward’s new Mapping & Modeling feature, powered by Pix4D, adds another level of utility to Skyward’s enterprise drone fleet management solution. You can already track, plan, and fly missions in Skyward — now you can access Pix4D processing of 2D orthomosaics and 3D models as well. 

Plan. Fly. Process.

With Skyward’s new Mapping & Modeling capability, getting the high quality 2D and 3D photogrammetry data products you need is a simple three-step process. Not only that, but it can alleviate one of the great headaches of today’s drone operations: the need to bounce from one platform to manage your fleet, to another to plan your flights, to a third to get LAANC authorization, a fourth to fly your missions, and yet another to process your images. Now you can do it all in Skyward. 

Step 1 – Plan your flight

Skyward’s Drone Fleet Management software already lets you set up your Operation, plan a flight, and get LAANC authorization from a computer or mobile device — whichever makes your operations easier and more convenient.

Skyward's Drone Airspace Map

Step 2 — Fly

Once you’re on-site, use Skyward’s InFlight mobile app to select the automated flight mode you need: Survey for basic 2D orthomosaics, Orbit for 3D models, or Point-to-Point for more elaborate missions. Then just select your supported aircraft and camera, tweak the front overlap, side overlap, and flight speed to your liking, and launch your mission.

Survey Automated Flight Mode in Skyward

Step 3 – Process

Now that you’re done flying and you’ve got your dataset, you’re ready to process with Pix4D through Skyward Mapping & Modeling in the same desktop environment you use to manage your drone program. 

With Skyward Mapping & Modeling, the heavy lifting of processing the large datasets common to drone photogrammetry is done by Pix4D in the cloud, so there’s no need for you to invest in powerful computers or stay on top of advanced training in photogrammetry software. Simply create and name your Project, upload your images, select the type of processing you need, and let Skyward and Pix4D do the work for you.

Drone Photo Upload Complete

Depending on the type of data products you need, you can choose to process for just 3D data products, or both 2D and 3D. The Map & 3D processing option generates a 2D orthomosaic, 2D Digital Surface Model, 3D Mesh, and 3D Point Clouds. The 3D option just generates the 3D Point Cloud and Mesh layers. Plus, all 2D data products include linear and area measurements, with more measurement features coming soon.

3D Drone Model in Skyward Mapping & Modeling

When your data product is complete, you can view your results as 2D or 3D recreations and download them as images or layers for use in other programs. The Export function gives you direct access to 2D orthomosaics and Digital Surface Model, as well as 3D Mesh and Point Cloud layer in these formats:


  • Orthomosaic
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)


  • LAS Point Cloud
  • Mesh Object
  • Mesh FBX

Export options in Skyward Mapping & Modeling

Drones provide improvements in speed, efficiency, and safety over legacy data-gathering and inspection methods by simply being the easiest way to position a sensor in three-dimensional space. Now Skyward Mapping & Modeling, powered by Pix4D, can make your drone operations easier and more efficient than ever.

Skyward Mapping & Modeling Webinar