Construction & Engineering

Skyward for Construction & Engineering

From surveying and modeling to inspections and site monitoring, construction and engineering firms lead all other industries in drone adoption. Construction and engineering firms use Skyward to manage complex drone ops, including access to LAANC airspace, pilots and equipment, and operational planning.

Plan Effective Operations

Plan Effective Operations

Plan flights, assign crews, and request near-instant access to fly in controlled airspace with LAANC.

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Fly Complex Missions

Fly Complex Missions

InFlight, Skyward’s mobile app, brings the power of Skyward's airspace intelligence, flight planning, and risk assessment tools into the field.

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Process Data Deliverables

Process Data Deliverables

Turn drone data into 2D maps and 3D models, analyze your data, and produce business-ready deliverables.

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Drones in Construction

Drones In Construction

If you're thinking about adding drones to your construction site, you have a lot to consider. This ebook provides best practices on operating safely, investing in drones, meeting regulatory requirements, creating an efficient workflow, and collaborating across teams.

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2D Mapping & 3D Modeling

Turn drone data into business-ready deliverables

Skyward’s Drone Management Platform includes integrated Mapping & Modeling powered by Pix4D. Customers can create, view, measure, and export 2D maps and 3D models from Skyward’s web app.

Skyward is your single, trusted point of contact for all your drone program’s software, from pre-flight planning to post-flight processing. We can help you find a solution that meets your drone program’s needs — whether that’s an integrated solution or third-party software.

Skyward is also a premier Pix4D reseller:

  • PIX4Dmapper
  • PIX4Dinspect
  • PIX4Dsurvey
  • And more

Drone Mapping & Modeling


How Skyward Helped Moss Construction Launch Drone Ops

Employees at Moss realized that drones could be valuable tools on the job site. But Moss’s safety management knew they needed to set standards for safety and compliance before implementing any new tool. That’s why Moss reached out to Skyward to help them set up their drone program.

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How Skyward Helps Customers Find Success and Avoid Headaches

We know that the managers in charge of corporate drone programs often have many competing responsibilities. When your company joins Skyward, our customer success team steps in to help you manage drone operations so you can successfully stand up the new drone program—and continue to be successful in your day job, too.

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On-Demand Webinar: Drone Training & Consulting: Q&A with Skyward Professional Services

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