Skyward InFlight GCS

Efficient, Safe Workflows

InFlight, Skyward's ground control station for DJI and iOS, gives your team access to airspace and the ability to capture live footage while ensuring safe, standardized flights. InFlight is included with our software subscriptions.

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Smart, Integrated Experience

Smart, Integrated Experience

InFlight consolidates weather, flight checklists, and airspace in one mobile experience and provides fast, automatic flight logging and syncing.

Customizable Flight Procedures

Customizable Flight Procedures

Ensure that flight crews follow standardized, efficient, low-risk flight procedures by customizing checklists to reflect corporate and jurisdictional requirements.

Trustworthy & Easy to Use

Trustworthy & Easy to Use

Built on the DJI SDK to ensure product reliability, InFlight features an unobstructed frame and controls familiar to camera operators.

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Customize Flight & Operational Checklists

When you create a checklist for flights or operation planning, you’ll ensure that your entire team flies consistently, produces high-quality deliverables, and operates in accordance with company and regulatory rules. Pro tip: Involve your compliance and health & safety teams to help you develop your checklists!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Skyward was the biggest factor in getting our drone program approved. What our legal team loved was the thoroughness of the software and the ability to document pilots. All of our information is on the web and contained in one database, so all of our district teams, our legal team, and the safety team can access this information whenever they need to.

Richard Lopez

Virtual Design and Construction Manager, Hensel Phelps

Webinar: Budgeting for an Enterprise Drone Program

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