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Skyward InFlight brings the power and versatility of Skyward’s enterprise drone software into the field. It features a complete ground control station (GCS) for compatible drones, advanced airspace intelligence, LAANC airspace access, automatic flight logging — and much, much more.

Skyward InFlight is included with a Skyward subscription or free trial. Features may vary by platform and subscription level.

Drone Management in the Field

Skyward InFlight equips pilots with a complete ground control station, giving your team the ability to plan missions, fly pre-programmed flights, and process drone data without leaving the Skyward platform.

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Easy, Integrated Experience

Easy, Integrated Experience

Plan a mission on the web and pick it up in the field — or vice versa. Skyward logs flights and syncs missions across the whole platform.

Risk Management & Oversight

Risk Management & Oversight

Evaluate and mitigate potential risks at a glance with the preflight status bar, including a risk assessment, customizable checklists, and airspace map.

Smart, Automated Features

Smart, Automated Features

Automatic flight logging to the Skyward platform, automated flight modes (survey, orbit, and point-to-point), live flight tracking, and more to come.

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Complete Ground Control Station (GCS)

Powerful flight controls and media capture tools put the power of Skyward at your fingertips for a seamless experience from takeoff to landing.

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Flight Planning & LAANC Airspace

Take Skyward's advanced airspace and 3D ground intelligence into the field. Manage compliance and safety with checklists, risk assessments, and LAANC access to controlled airspace.

Flight Planning and LAANC Access
Live Flight Tracking

Live Flight Tracking

Monitor all your team's active drone flights in near-real time for better operational coordination and program oversight. See active flights on Skyward InFlight devices or Skyward's web platform.

Automated Flight Modes

Plan and fly automated missions to precisely collect data and video footage. Process your drone data with Skyward Mapping & Modeling.

Drone Survey


Fine-tuned survey grids for photogrammetry or LiDAR mapping

Drone Orbit


Circular path around a point of interest for 3D modeling

Drone Point-to-point

Point to Point

Linear path of manually-selected waypoints

Automatic Flight Logging

Seamlessly log your flights and operations to Skyward for later review and simple record-keeping.

Automatic Flight Logging
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