Skyward Is Charting the Future of Drone Connectivity

Today, Skyward customers use drones as a tool for doing business. But in the near future, we believe that drones will touch just about every aspect of urban life. That’s why our Aviation Network Technology team is devoted to the future of universal traffic management, connected aviation on the nation's largest wireless network, and much more.

Global Interoperability

Global Interoperability

Drones have the capability to solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems — if we can scale them efficiently. To do that, we are working to harmonize technologies and advocating for sensible airspace regulations.

Ubiquitous Connectivity

Ubiquitous Connectivity

For drones to transfer data, access and share airspace with other aircraft, fly autonomously, and achieve maximum productivity, they must be connected to networks at all times — no matter where they are.

Refining Infrastructure

Refining Infrastructure

We already have the technology and infrastructure needed to maximize the capabilities of UAS. Our goal is to harness drones, operating systems, and the Verizon network so they can all work together.

Verizon, Skyward, Wing, and Others Demonstrate Network-Based Drone Remote Identification

Verizon and Skyward, A Verizon company, along with a working group of other drone companies, successfully demonstrated network-based remote identification of drones with the InterUSS Platform. This demonstration included seven drones flying use cases including infrastructure inspection, delivery, and recreational flights.

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Beyond Visual Line of Sight Flight Test Over 4G LTE

Skyward is a Verizon company

Same expertise, bigger resources

In April 2017, Verizon acquired Skyward. This has allowed us to scale up our product development and test UAV connectivity on the nation’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network.

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