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LAANC Airspace View in SkywardThe LAANC Rollout Schedule for 500+ U.S. UAS Facilities
We waded through FAA spreadsheets to show you when every UAS facility will be live for LAANC access in 2018.
LAANC Airspace View in SkywardHow to Access LAANC Airspace in Skyward
On Halloween, Skyward released LAANC access to the first 45 airports included in the FAA’s beta test.
LAANC Airspace View in Skyward - Notice of Intended UseSkyward User Guide – Accessing LAANC
User instructions for accessing LAANC Airspace in Skyward.
question mark - LAANC Airspace FAQs with SkywardFAQ: Skyward and LAANC
Straight-forward answers to your pressing LAANC questions.
LAANC Airspace Informational Webinar bannerWebinar: Instant Access to Controlled Airspace: Skyward and LAANC
In this webinar, we’ll show you how we’re simplifying the process and what the outlook is for the coming months.
LAANC Airspace View in SkywardSkyward Is an FAA-Approved LAANC Airspace Vendor
Skyward helped the FAA develop this capability in order to give our customers wider access to essential airspace.
Airspace LAANCQ&A: How Skyward Is Working with the FAA on LAANC
As one of 12 members of the LAANC working group, Skyward is helping to develop this capability as an essential method to help our customers operate efficiently and safely.
LAANC Airspace View in Skyward - How to VideoVideo – How to Access LAANC in Skyward
75-second video shows you how to quickly access controlled airspace in Skyward.
SunPower's drone crew used Skyward to access LAANC airspaceToday, LAANC; Tomorrow, UTM
SunPower Corp. beta tested LAANC access via Skyward and performed a flight in San Jose Class C Airspace.
LAANC Airspace View in SkywardUSA: FAA UAS Facility Maps and LAANC
We’ll post FAA UAS Facility Maps and the FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) here as soon as they’re published by the FAA
LAANC Airspace View in SkywardFAA Will Open More Airspace for UAS Ops
LAANC will allow operations in controlled airspace through preselected airspace volumes that currently require waivers.
LAANC Airspace View in SkywardSole Proprietors Can Access LAANC with a Free Pilot Account
Due to popular demand, Skyward is providing LAANC functionality to every subscription tier,
including our free Pilot Account.