Skyward’s Professional Services team has been hard at work training drone teams across the country. We’ve been consulting with companies on their drone program’s standard operating procedures. We’ve been introducing them to the basics of photogrammetry, helping them produce 2D maps and 3D models from drone data. And we’ve delivered Program Start packages to help companies launch drone programs from the ground up.

Now, Skyward is excited to announce a new service for companies looking to fly larger drones with more complex payloads: advanced drone training. This one-day, on-site training includes classroom-style instruction followed by hands-on flight exercises. We’re starting with two popular models that are workhorses in the commercial drone world: the DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Matrice 200 Series.

Should my company learn to fly larger drones?

Drone programs often start off by deploying smaller, cheaper drones. Airframes like DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro or Parrot’s ANAFI USA are capable of capturing quite a bit of data, especially quality photos and videos. But once a drone program is well established, program managers often look to invest in more expensive drones with better capabilities. They want to accomplish the kinds of jobs that caused them to invest in drones in the first place.

That’s where an aircraft like DJI’s Matrice 210 V2 comes in. The M210, like the others in the Matrice 200 Series, can carry a wide variety of gimbals and payloads, including thermal sensors. The M210 also features a more weather-resistant build, longer flight time, and heavier payload capacity than smaller models. One model in the series also includes RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) for precision measurements. It’s a strong candidate for use cases ranging from thermal infrastructure inspections to 3D mapping with photogrammetry.

Companies looking for pro-quality photos and videos may also consider DJI’s Inspire 2. The Inspire 2 is a media machine, with several camera options that can capture video up to 6K. It’s a go-to choice for customers in industries such as film, marketing, or real estate looking to produce professional-grade aerial video.

Drone training to promote safety and efficiency

Since both of these aircraft are larger and more expensive, they can also introduce more risk to companies that buy them. A mishap resulting in loss of the drone would be an expensive mistake. An accident involving damage to people or property could be more serious with a larger package. Understandably, some risk management teams are hesitant to bring on these larger, more advanced drones.

That’s one reason Skyward created our advanced drone training. We want to enable customers to accomplish the jobs they need to do, using the aircraft they want to fly. We help train a company’s pilots how to operate these aircraft, especially helping to promote safety and operational efficiency. And Skyward’s Professional Services team is staffed by aviators with decades of experience in military, civil, and drone aviation. We’re committed to bringing you high-quality training from experienced pilots.

What does Skyward’s advanced drone training package include?

When you buy advanced drone training from Skyward, we’ll work with you to schedule a full day on-site with your pilots. The first half of the day will be spent in a classroom-style session, where we’ll provide instruction on the airframe and basic flight controls.

This instructional content includes:

  • Introduction to the aircraft
  • Features, specs, & limitations
  • Aircraft components & status indicators
  • Payload & camera options
  • Basic flight controls
  • Safety & obstacle avoidance systems
  • Automation & emergency features

After a break for lunch, we’ll head out into the field for hands-on flight training. This is an opportunity for trainees to put the lessons into practice in a supervised environment. The Skyward consultant will help pilots go through:

  • Safety checks
  • Flight risks assessments
  • Takeoff & landing
  • Using the GCS (Ground Control System)
  • Working with payloads
  • Basic flight patterns
  • Advanced flight controls

Start flying advanced aircraft with Skyward

For drone programs looking to take that next step, advanced aircraft may be able to unlock even more of the potential that drones have to offer. Quality training is a great place to start, and Skyward’s drone consultants would love to help you meet those goals.

If you’d like to learn more about Skyward’s advanced drone training, check out our Pricing page, and contact a Skyward rep today.

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