Enterprises managing drone programs have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. On any given day, multiple drone operations are likely to be scheduled, often in a variety of locations with varying levels of risk. With Skyward, tools such as Flight Insights let program managers review past flights and operations, which can greatly improve compliance. But wouldn’t it be even better if crews could seek approval beforehand, getting the “okay” from stakeholders well before takeoff?

Skyward’s new Approval Workflow feature enables crews to do exactly that. Enterprise subscribers can use Approval Workflow to ensure drone crews and managers are on the same page before deploying to the field. And if anything seems out of place, managers and other stakeholders can deny approval or request changes before granting permission. It’s just one more way Skyward’s Aviation Management Platform helps corporate drone teams improve safety and compliance in their operations.

A closer look at Approval Workflow

Crews can plan an operation using Skyward’s suite of flight planning features. They can include information such as date and time, flight areas, airspace access requests, crew and aircraft information, weather, customer info, and more.

Once the crew has finished planning the operation, they can click the operation’s status button and select “Request Review.” The user can send the operation, along with optional comments, to one or more reviewers for approval. The status of the operation will update to “In Review.”

Program stakeholders will receive an email with key mission details and a link to the operation in Skyward. The reviewer can browse all the details and determine whether any of the factors presents undue risk. After reviewing the mission, the reviewer can select any of three options:

  • Approved
  • Request Changes
  • Deny Approval

The crew will receive an email notification of the update, along with any comments from the reviewer. The status of the operation will, again, be updated both on the operation page and in the operation list. If necessary, the crew can make changes and re-submit an approval request at any time.

Approval Workflow helps drone program managers make informed decisions about their operations — and it improves accountability for drone teams by helping to get everyone on the same page before takeoff. Whether you’re a program manager looking for better oversight of your operations or a crewmember seeking approval before a complex mission, Approval Workflow is one more step toward helping you run safer, more efficient drone operations.

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