November was a busy month, with the start of the holiday season and the approach of end-of-year deadlines. But the busyness didn’t stop Skyward from putting together some great releases and refinements for our Drone Insights Platform last month. Most notably, we added a highly-requested update to flight logging for DJI drones and made refinements within the Skyward InFlight mobile app.

Check out what’s new in November 2021!

Broader support for DJI drone flight logs

We know our customers need to fly a wide variety of drones to complete jobs of all different types. Skyward’s InFlight Mobile app provides a great piloting experience with fast, automatic flight logging for some of the most common DJI drones. But we also wanted to enable our customers to fly with the flight app of their choice while taking full advantage of Skyward. That’s why we designed Skyward’s web platform to support flight logs imported from a wide variety of apps and drone models.

Now, I’m happy to report that Skyward’s web platform supports flight logs from a broader range of DJI drones than ever before. Additionally, flight logs from DJI drones that were previously compatible with flight log uploading in Skyward, and were temporarily incompatible due to DJI encryption changes, can now be imported again.

Skyward users can now import encrypted and unencrypted flight logs from many DJI aircraft. For apps that support Skyward Sync, this will happen automatically in the background. And most other DJI generated flight logs can be manually imported to the Skyward platform.

Flight logs for the following DJI drones are now compatible with the Skyward platform*: 

  • Mavic 2 Pro
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise
  • Matrice 210
  • Matrice 300
  • Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
  • Inspire 2
  • Watts MFD-5000
  • And more, including many older models

*The DJI flight log encryption is based on the DJI firmware version used to generate the flight logs (not the aircraft model) and the associated flight log version. DJI began encrypting flight logs in versions 14 and up. This means that if any DJI aircraft (whether a M300 or Mavic Air) has flight logs v14 or greater (i.e. encrypted), they can now be imported to Skyward.

The supported flight log file types are:

  • DJI (.txt)**
  • GUTMA (.json )
  • GUTMA (.utm )
  • DroneDeploy (.log)

**DJI RTK files are not supported.

Please note: Not all the drones listed above can be piloted within the Skyward InFlight mobile app’s GCS. (Please check this list to find the most recent models supported by Skyward InFlight.) However, flight logs from most DJI aircraft can be imported into Skyward’s web platform from compatible flight apps. To give just a few examples, Skyward can support DJI flight logs from the following apps:

  • Skyward InFlight
  • DJI Go 4
  • DroneDeploy
  • DJI GS Pro (manual import only)
  • PIX4Dcapture (manual import only)
  • Litchi (manual import only)

Skyward can also import flight logs from a variety of other drone manufacturers, including automatic flight log syncing for Parrot ANAFI drones.

Skyward InFlight for Android: Redesigned GCS and checklist access

After listening to lots of great feedback from users of Skyward InFlight, we’ve made a few improvements to our Android app.

Last month, we redesigned the flight experience. Now, customers flying DJI drones with Skyward InFlight for Android will find that the ground control station (GCS) interface looks and feels better than ever. InFlight puts the tools you need during flight right at your fingertips, while maintaining familiar controls for a smooth flight experience.

Also, Android users can now access checklists within the Flight mode. That means you can check off your last few pre-flight items just before priming the props — or even while you’re in the air.

Updating our Android app is just one more way Skyward helps you get faster insights, all within one platform. Download the latest update to make sure you have our most current features.

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