Last week, we made a few key upgrades to Skyward, including a high-value new feature, an updated interface, and LAANC updates, in addition to the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new:

Automatic Flight Log Syncing with DJI GO

For Skyward customers who fly DJI, this new feature will be a major time-saver. It takes just a few clicks to connect a DJI GO account to Skyward to enable automatic flight log uploads. Once DJI Go logs are synced to the cloud, Skyward will pull in flight logs every 30 minutes. As with our recent DroneDeploy integration, Skyward will display battery and flight altitude details, as well as start and end times for each flight. We put together a quick video to show how it works.

Skyward Tutorial – DJI Flight Logging & Visualization from SkywardIO on Vimeo.

LAANC Updates

In very exciting LAANC news—tomorrow, Monday, is the day that the FAA allows LAANC airspace in the South Central Region, which includes over 80 UAS facilities in Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Missouri! This article shows the UAS facilities that went live today. Don’t hesitate to reach out with feedback about accessing LAANC airspace (just remember—the FAA has asked all pilots not to submit “test” operations for LAANC approval).

Other LAANC updates: Previously on the Skyward Airspace Map, we had displayed in red controlled airspace that required further coordination with ATC. We realized that wasn’t quite right—these areas require permission, but they aren’t completely off-limits as with a temporary flight restriction. Those areas now display in yellow.

Also, at the request of the FAA, we updated the language in the LAANC pilot agreement and linked to the FAA’s privacy statement.

Operation Planning – Improved Interface

We made planning an operation more intuitive with a simple UI change. The Flights tab now shows with a clear choice between importing flight logs and manually creating a log.

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