The Skyward team is always improving our software and services while looking to provide new value to our customers. Last month was no exception! While we look forward to the launch of Parrot ANAFI Ai, the world’s first off-the-shelf drone powered by Verizon 4G LTE connectivity, our product teams and engineers have been hard at work on some refinements and new features on Skyward’s Drone Software Platform.

Let’s take a look at some of the new features that Skyward released to customers in October 2021.

Point-to-point elevation profiles for easy height measurements

This summer, we added volume measurements to Skyward Mapping & Modeling, which enables customers to calculate the cut and fill quantities for stockpiles in just a few seconds. Customers like Thompson Turner Construction have been loving the simplicity and rapid results that can be obtained from drone photogrammetry on Skyward’s platform.

Now, Skyward has added another feature to provide more quick and easy measurements: elevation profiles for point-to-point measurements. This tool enables customers to immediately see the elevation profile of any linear selection on their orthomosaic map, providing a side view of vertical changes across a set distance. It’s a simple, quick way to see the height of each point along a line, making it easier to understand elevation changes across a map.

Drone elevation profile in Skyward

Skyward Mapping & Modeling is available to Business+ and Enterprise subscribers right within the Skyward platform, enabling customers to plan, fly, and process drone data without juggling apps and platforms. It’s one more way Skyward streamlines drone photogrammetry for faster time to insight.

Refinements to the Skyward InFlight mobile app for drones

In early October, Skyward announced an overhaul to the Skyward InFlight mobile app, bringing an all-new navigation structure, refreshed design, and a few new features to drone pilots in the field. Users will love the new preflight status bar, which helps pilots identify potential concerns at a glance before takeoff.

Throughout the month, we’ve squashed a few bugs and cleaned up some loose ends for an even more seamless experience. Plus, live flight tracking is now available on Skyward InFlight for both iOS and Android. Be sure to download the latest update — more is coming soon!

Document management on Skyward’s web platform

We made a small but highly-requested tweak to the way documents are managed in Skyward’s web platform. Now, in addition to uploading and accessing documents from your company’s dashboard, we’ve included central document management right where you’d expect it: in the Manage tab.

In the top navigation, click Manage, then select Documents from the dropdown menu. You will be able to view, download, and delete your organization’s documents from a single page.

Document management tab in Skyward

Try Skyward’s new features today

Our product teams are hard at work on even more exciting features before the end of the year, so always feel free to reach out to us to hear about the latest updates!

To give each of these features a try, just log into Skyward, and be sure to download the latest version of Skyward InFlight on your mobile device.