I always love getting to talk about the ways we continue to build the Skyward platform to meet more and more customer needs. We love to see how customers are putting drones to work in Construction & Engineering, as well as in Energy & Utilities, Media & Broadcast, and so many other industries.

In February 2022, we made a few software updates to improve quality of life on both the Skyward web platform and the Skyward InFlight mobile app. We’ve designed these changes to help customers continue to drive more value from their drone programs. Check them out!

New user profile page for drone pilots and admins

Formerly, a user’s Skyward profile page was a bit utilitarian — it showed a limited amount of the most critical information, but we didn’t feel it was living up to its full potential. We know our users are always looking for more data in an easy-to-access format.

Now we’ve given Skyward user profiles some love by refreshing the design and adding much more information. Users can now select their name from the top menu bar and choose “Profile” to see data including:

  • Name and assigned roles
  • Contact information
  • Certification information, including issue and expiration dates
  • Home base location
  • Recent flights logged by the user
  • Recent and upcoming operations for the user
  • Total number of flights logged
  • Total flight time logged, including hours logged in Skyward + historical crewed & uncrewed flight hours
  • Custom fields & notes
  • Attached documents, such as certification records

Skyward Profile Page

All of this information is quick and easy to edit within a single menu. As a result, I think you’ll find the user profile much more useful, and it’s an easy way to both track and display your drone piloting expertise.

Edit Skyward profile page

Refinements and improvements for the Skyward InFlight mobile app on iOS and Android

We continue to improve the planning and flying experience in the field with Skyward’s InFlight mobile app. We made a number of under-the-hood improvements as well as resolving several issues some users were encountering.

On iOS, we made the following improvements:

  • Operation areas reliably persist when entering flight mode from the operation details page
  • Removed pop-up warning about night waiver requirements in flight mode
  • Corrected visual errors or unresponsive points when creating Automated Flight Modes on certain devices
  • Fixed a settings menu glitch when updating certain flight limits
  • Other minor bug fixes & improvements

On Android, we made improvements primarily to resolve a few unexpected crashes. Android users will enjoy more stability and improved reliability while planning their missions.

Looking for more tips and tricks about using Skyward?

You may be interested in our weekly Skyward Tuesday Tips. Every week, a Skywardian shares a quick video tip about the drone industry, Skyward’s platform, or the future of robotics. You can find them every Tuesday on the Skyward website, as well as on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Check them out and let us know what you think. And as always, fly safe!