I’m happy to announce a brand-new feature in Skyward: Flight Insights. We wanted to give UAS Managers and other stakeholders an easy way to see all of their organization’s flight ops at-a-glance. This is helpful for companies that conduct lots of flights or that have flight teams in multiple locations.

Flight Insights allows you to see how many UAS flights occur during a given period of time. This gives business managers the data they need to understand the frequency of flights across teams and assess ROI. You can also see the geographic distribution of flights at-a-glance and easily access key details for each flight.

More Details on Flight Insights for UAS

All of an organization’s flights, past and present, are now stored in the Flights section.This includes flights that have been manually created as well as those that have been automatically imported from DJI GO or the Skyward InFlight GCS.

Zooming in on a cluster in the Skyward Airspace Map shows all the individual flights in a given area. In this case, we’ve zoomed into the 52 flights we’ve conducted in the Portland Metro Area. The list view always updates to reflect only the flights visible on the map; in this case, the map shows 39 of our Portland flights. Selecting Filter allows you to limit the displayed flights by specific time period, or by whether or not the flight has an assigned location.

You can drill into each flight by selecting View Details or by clicking the blue arrow icon.

You can also select one or more flights to assign to an existing operation, or you can create an entirely new operation and assign flights to that.