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Part 107 Lowers Barriers for Drone Pilots

07/14/2016 This article first appeared in slight different form on Eric’s website. TL;DR: The new Part 107 law will make it easier to be a commercial drone pilot. That means there will be more competition for jobs and more competition for aerial services. Prices for aerial services will be lowered and margins trimmed. Differentiation will be … Continued

Here’s What We Know about Part 107

06/21/2016 It’s finally happened—at long last, the FAA has announced the rule allowing commercial drone operations in the United States! This is great news for our customers and our industry as a whole. Until now, everyone from sole proprietors to major corporations has had to either operate illegally or apply for specific permission from the … Continued

Wait for Part 107 or Get a 333?

04/27/2016 Launching a commercial operation in a new (and highly regulated) market requires calculated choices about business goals, the regulatory environment, the competitive landscape, and timing. For the past four years, the FAA has required commercial drone operators in the United States to have a 333 Exemption. This has been a major regulatory hurdle for … Continued

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