Recently, Skyward hosted an expert panel to talk about the Parrot ANAFI USA drone with FLIR thermal sensor. We focused on the capabilities for advanced infrastructure inspections packed into a lightweight, portable airframe. We also discussed the ANAFI USA’s privacy and security benefits, and some best practices for thermal imaging and general inspections.

We had an engaged and interested crowd attend the panel and ask a lot of great questions. Our panelists were able to answer a lot of questions live, but we didn’t have time to address all of them. I wanted to cover a few more top questions here.

For great insights from Parrot, FLIR, and Skyward, plus more Q&A, check out the recording of the webinar.

Is the ANAFI USA secure? What cybersecurity specifications or standards does it meet?

The ANAFI USA provides the same high-end security, durability and imaging capabilities as Parrot’s Short-Range Reconnaissance drone designed for the U.S. Army, which was one of just five drones approved for government use by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Here are a few additional security features of the ANAFI USA:

  • Aircraft is manufactured in the USA
  • Drone and GCS are fully GDPR compliant
  • Internal SD card is encrypted to protect data in case of loss or theft
  • Wi-Fi communications are authenticated and encrypted with secure WPA2 certification
  • No data is sent to Parrot’s servers by default
  • Firmware is digitally signed to prevent corruption
  • Parrot’s FreeFlight 6 mobile app has been independently and thoroughly tested for privacy and security vulnerabilities

To learn more, visit Parrot’s Privacy and Security webpage.

What data can be obtained from the drone’s FLIR Boson thermal sensor?

The ANAFI USA’s FLIR Boson sensor provides longwave infrared imaging, which is a type of thermal imaging. Through a process called “blending,” the thermal data combines with optical (RGB) imagery from the other cameras, providing context for the thermal data. The user can choose the level of blending all the way from full thermal to full RGB. Ultimately, the data is captured in photos and videos in JPEG and MP4 formats. 

When can I buy an ANAFI USA? What does it cost?

Customers can order the ANAFI 4K, Thermal, or USA from Skyward today. ANAFI USA units are being produced today, and some have already begun shipping to customers.

Skyward offers ANAFI USA Drone and Training packages as a one-stop shop for starting or expanding your fleet with this new drone. The cost will vary depending on the package you order. Visit to get a quote.

You say the ANAFI USA has a 32x zoom. Does that apply to both the optical and thermal sensors?

The ANAFI USA uses an industry-first three-sensor gimbal. The 32x zoom is designed around two 21-megapixel cameras, allowing operators to see details clearly from up to 3 miles away. Users can see details as small as 1 cm with precision from a distance of 50 meters. And the camera is mounted on a gimbal with 250 degrees of vertical rotation, meaning the sensors can see what is directly above or below the drone.

For most inspection applications, the thermal and optical images are blended into a single composite image. This image offers continuous digital zoom up to 32x, as in the image below:

Parrot ANAFI USA 32x Zoom on Solar Panel

The ANAFI USA’s gimbal and advanced optics were designed with first responders in mind. When firefighters arrive on the scene of a fire, the most important need is to view hot spots while also being able to assess the entire visual scene. Advanced optics and thermal blending enable the ANAFI USA to do exactly that.

When will flight logs from Parrot sync to Skyward?

Skyward and Parrot are hard at work integrating Skyward Flight Log Sync into Parrot’s FreeFlight app. Look for that to release around late October. You can check the Skyward blog for the latest updates — we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

What is the ANAFI’s battery capacity? Can it fly in rain? What data formats does it use?

We received a lot of technical questions about Parrot’s ANAFI USA. For brevity, I won’t answer all of them here. Most of the essentials are answered on this ANAFI USA Product Sheet. For more advanced questions, check out Parrot’s Technical Specifications and in-depth white paper.

How many drones can be used with Skyward’s Drone Management Platform at once?

Skyward’s Drone Management Platform is designed to manage enterprise-scale fleets of drones. Whether you have just a handful or drones or well over 100, Skyward can help you manage all the drones, crew members, and flights in your program. Learn more about Skyward’s Drone Software Platform.

Does Parrot offer a warranty or coverage plan in the event of a crash or equipment failure?

Parrot offers a limited warranty for their products. Information about Parrot’s product guarantee and warranty is available on their website.


Watch the webinar to learn more about the entire ANAFI lineup.

ANAFI USA Skyward Drone Training Package