Part 107 Resources for Drone Operators

Skyward Part 107 Resources

107-book-thumbNavigating Part 107 (eBook)
What You Need to Know About Doing Business with Drones in the U.S. Free with any paid Skyward subscription.
Part 107: What You Need to Know (Video)
Listen to Jim Williams and Skyward break down how the new regulations impact your drone business.
How to Apply for a Part 107 Waiver
Increase your chances of having a waiver or authorization request accepted by submitting the correct information.
Part 107 Q&As: Planning & Flying Drones
Realistic flight planning under current FAA regulations.
107-333-Table-ThumbComparing Part 107 to Section 333 (PDF)
This table makes it easy to understand how Part 107 compares to Section 333 Exemption
Part-107-announcedPart 107 Has Been Announced! Here’s What We Know
It lowers the barrier to entry for businesses that haven’t yet launched drone ops, and it makes ongoing compliance much easier with respect to pilot training, airworthiness, and reporting.
Navigating Part 107: Media and News Edition
Uphold the regulations even in breaking-news situations.
Skyward Professional & Regulatory Services
Need help? Our experts help large companies navigate regulatory requirements.

On June 21, 2016, the FAA and Department of Transportation announced Part 107, the rule that legitimizes UAVs as a tool for business in the U.S. The rule goes a long way toward streamlining routine drone ops for aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds and will spur wide adoption and innovation in the United States. Part 107 went into effect on August 29th, 2016.