Drones are an ideal tool for producing 2D maps and 3D models through a process called photogrammetry. This can be used to create renderings of buildings, job sites, infrastructure, and more. It’s a key way that a drone program can produce deliverables with business value across a variety of industries.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. Skyward’s experienced drone professionals now offer a photogrammetry training course for commercial drone programs. Customers can take it as a standalone course or add it to Skyward’s Program Start Package to get a group of drone pilots up and running in a matter of weeks.

What is photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the process of collecting geo-referenced, two-dimensional images and using software to stitch them together into two-dimensional maps (called “orthomosaics”) or three-dimensional models. A processing engine uses location data associated with each image to identify the overlap between images. Using this data, the engine infers the third dimension of topographical areas and vertical structures. The output is a 3D point cloud and photorealistic mesh that serves as a digital representation of the area or structure being surveyed. Teams can use this to derive measurements, inspection criteria and other valuable insights.

Drones are well-equipped to collect the imagery needed for photogrammetry. Not only are most modern drones equipped with high-quality cameras, but they also use GPS systems to provide accurate location data. These capabilities, paired with an aerial perspective, make drones ideal for photogrammetry surveys.

The models produced by photogrammetry can be put to use in a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) – comparing actual construction progress to projected models
  • Terrain surveys – mapping areas of land before a job for planning or assessing a site after project completion
  • Stockpile calculations – measuring the volume of materials in minutes without climbing on or around the pile
  • Infrastructure inspection – looking at bridges, electrical transmission lines, dams, and other structures for damage or anomalies
  • Change monitoring – comparing changes in models collected over time

Drone programs can recognize the benefits of photogrammetry right away. In many industries, 3D modelling can be part of the value proposition when first pitching the idea of a drone program to leadership. But successful photogrammetry requires safe operation of the drone and effective collection of the data. And learning to do that while avoiding a significant amount of trial and error requires training.

Photogrammetry Model of College Building

Skyward’s photogrammetry training for drone programs

Photogrammetry can be a complicated, technical topic. That’s why Skyward’s drone consultants created a training course to equip drone pilots with what they need to know about photogrammetry. Customers working in media and telecommunications have put Skyward’s photogrammetry training to work, quickly producing results valuable to their businesses.

Skyward’s photogrammetry training is a one-day workshop facilitated by drone experts and designed to help drone programs go from no experience to producing high-value deliverables in a matter of weeks.

Students will learn how different camera elements, such as sensors and lenses, affect the quality of the imagery collected and the model created. Students will practice using Automated Flight Modes in Skyward’s InFlight mobile app to capture the necessary imagery with survey and orbit operations.

The data collected can be ingested into the customer’s preferred processing engine to build high-quality 2D maps (orthomosaics) and 3D models. Skyward’s training can be conducted using a free trial of a processing engine, or customized with your company’s tool of choice.

As mentioned before, Skyward’s photogrammetry training can be purchased as a standalone course. For businesses building drone programs, it can also be added to the Program Start Package to provide training from startup to deliverable.

Get started with Skyward today

Skyward designed photogrammetry training to streamline a drone program’s path to return on investment and to strengthen the value of drones across a company. In combination with Skyward’s Program Start package, this training can fast track a drone program to full-scale operations and better results.

To chat with a Skyward representative about training options, visit Skyward’s Pricing page.

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