Start flying a high-value drone operation in a few weeks.

How We Help



We’ll help you identify and develop a high-potential initial use case, create a general operating manual and flight procedures, and ensure you have the tools you need so you can see results as soon as possible.



From ground school training to advanced flight scenarios, our training partners will ensure that your flight crews receive standardized training, understand regulations, and are ready to get certified by your regulator.



We’ll set you up with strong policies and procedures, thorough training, and comprehensive operational oversight to help you create a culture of safety across your entire drone program.

What’s Included:

Skyward’s Program Start package equips companies with the policies, equipment, software, and training they need to launch a drone program and achieve value quickly.

  • Test Prep Icon Part 107
    Test Prep
  • Operating Procedures Icon Standard Operating
  • Drone Kits Icon Drone Kits &
  • Training Icon Drone Team
  • Hands-on Icon Hands-on
    Flight Training
  • Subscription Icon Skyward
Part 107 Test Prep

Part 107 Test Prep

Our self-paced FAA Part 107 instruction is delivered in partnership with Drone Pilot Ground School and is accessible from anywhere online.

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures compiled by Skyward’s aviation experts, customized to your business needs to minimize risk and maximize efficiency

Standard Operating Procedures
Drone Kits & Accessories

Drone Kits & Accessories

Aircraft and essential supporting equipment to get you up and running in the field. Various models are available to support a variety of use cases, including DJI and Parrot.

Drone Team Training

Informational training sessions offered in-person or online to streamline the program launch and get your team up speed faster.

Drone Team Training
Hands-on Flight Training

Hands-on Flight Training

Practical flight training sessions, supervised by Skyward’s drone experts, designed to get drone teams comfortable and confident as quickly as possible.

Skyward Subscription

Manage pilots, drones, flights, airspace access, and operational data with Skyward’s Aviation Management Platform, including the InFlight mobile app.

Skyward Subscription

Program Start Timeline

Program Start Package
Week 1
Week 1 Training

Use Cases & Standard Operating Procedures

We’ll assess your company’s needs so we can customize training sessions for your industry and use cases. Our team will consult with you on your company’s standard operating procedures to ensure they are successfully implemented at your company – an essential component of your corporate culture of safety.

Week 2-3 Training

Drone Provisioning

Skyward will provide your team with best-in-class drone kits, including tablets and key accessories for field operations.

Week 4 Training

Self-Paced Part 107 Training

Prior to in-person training, your team will receive self-paced Part 107 instruction via Skyward partner Drone Pilot Ground School.

Week 5 Training

Introduction to the Skyward Platform

We’ll show you how to use the Skyward platform for airspace intelligence, fleet management, LAANC access, maintenance, and operational control.

Week 6 Training

Operator Training

Encourage safe operations with practical training on drone operations and regulations in a variety of scenarios. Skyward offers training in person, online, or a hybrid of both. And in-person training includes hands-on flight training with Skyward’s drone experts.

WEEK 6 - WEEK 8 Onsite Training
Week 7-8 Training

Three-day in-person training includes:

Day 1: Knowledge –
Safety, LAANC, Weather, Airspace, Emergencies, Skyward Software

Day 2: Knowledge & Flight Training –
Know Your Drone, Operational Planning, Data Capture, Flight Basics

Day 3: Knowledge & Flight Training –
Use Cases, Standard Operating Procedure Review, Skyward InFlight GCS and Mobile App, Automated Flight Systems

Onsite, Remote Training or Both

Skyward’s expert consultants will meet you where you are, providing in-person or online training sessions to streamline the program launch.

Onsite, Remote Training or Both Icon


Three-day training course – our most comprehensive training option, including classroom lectures and hands-on flight training

In-person training icon


1.5 days online classroom lectures and 2 days hands-on flight training. Best for minimizing COVID-19 risk while delivering quality training.

Hybrid Training Icon


1.5 days of fully online lecture sessions. Provides valuable skills for programs without the need for travel or face-to-face interaction, but lacks hands-on flight training.

Scott Gerard Portrait
The training, both the classroom and the hands-on training were fantastic. We were able to accomplish all of our goals to be compliant, safe, insured, minimize our risks in a fashion and in a timeline that was far compressed from what we could have done on our own.

On-Demand Webinar: Drone Training & Consulting: Q&A with Skyward Professional Services

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