Professional & Regulatory Services

Whether you’re using drones at a small business or major corporation, Skyward can get you out of the office and into the air.

With Skyward, you’ll have the operational materials you need to set up a safe, compliant, and professional drone operation.


Skyward provides different levels of support depending on your regulatory, insurance, and operational requirements.

Your company’s comprehensive guide to launching and managing a UAS program

The Skyward Take Flight Package
This is the most affordable way for a business to take advantage of the best practices Skyward has developed through consulting with hundreds of UAS companies, insurers, and regulators around the world. We created the Take Flight Package to empower commercial drone operators to build and manage a safe, successful business. If you’re just starting out, this package can provide the foundation to help you get up and running as soon as possible. Skyward has helped companies all over the world launch safe, successful, insurable commercial drone operations.
100+ pages of expertly validated policies & procedures that you can edit for your business:
  • Multi-level Training Protocols
  • Risk Management Procedures
  • Crew Coordination Standards
  • Standards for Operating in Remote and Densely Populated Areas
  • Flight Dispatch Checklist
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • LiPo Battery Handling Standards
  • Job Safety Standards
  • Before-launch Checklist
  • Before Takeoff Checklist
  • Final Landing Checklist
  • Accident Response Checklist
  • Control Link Failure Standards
  • Loss of Visual Awareness Standards
  • Advice on Obtaining Property Permissions
  • For Business & Enterprise subscribers: Your designated account manager will be available to answer your questions about the regulatory process and share best practices.
  • And Much More
Total Amount: $3,000.00

Why Commercial Drone Operations Need Program Policies and Operating Procedures

The world of aviation has always depended on general operating manuals and checklists, and UAVs are no different. Every flight involves a series of complex processes that occur preflight, inflight, and postflight and involve hundreds of actions—which means there’s lots of room for error. Your drone operations manual and checklists standardize these processes and reduce variables and human error in order to create safe, efficient procedures. They also provide evidence to insurers and customers that you are running a safe, trustworthy operation. General operating manual: This is your UAV program’s central guide. It provides a glossary of every function, piece of equipment, and term; explains roles, responsibilities, and safety protocols; provides policies for pilot training and equipment maintenance; and gives step-by-step instructions to create predictable, safe, standard results time after time. Operations checklists: Just as in traditional aviation, your crew uses checklists for every step of an operation to ensure that all of the processes spelled out in the general operating manual are being carried out. Usually there are several:
  • Operational checklist: used by the operations director, dispatcher, or lead pilot to schedule operations
  • Flight crew checklists: used by the field crew to ensure that proper processes are carried out preflight, prior to launch, and postflight
  • Equipment control checklist: used whenever you add new equipment to your fleet or aircraft are taken into the field

Skyward Enterprise

Program policies, operating procedures, and regulatory support
Skyward Enterprise is for businesses that need help building a drone operation from the ground up, including regulatory applications and interfacing with regulators on your behalf and creating custom operating procedures. Skyward Enterprise is a good option for you if:
  • You have not met regulatory requirements and need comprehensive assistance doing so
  • You have a complex operation or use case that requires business and aviation expertise to guide you through launching your commercial drone operations
  • You need custom operating manuals and checklists for your business
Our dedicated team of business and aviation experts will:
  • Guide you through the process of setting up a drone operation
  • Create a custom General Operating Manual and Operations Handbook for your business
  • Prepare and submit documentation for regulatory approvals and filings
  • Interface with the FAA, Transport Canada, or other regulators on your behalf
  • Provide ongoing consultations

Commercial Insurance

Insurance is essential for running a professional drone operation. Commercial drone insurance covers physical damage of drones and liability arising from the operation of drones. If you or your business operate UAVs, your customers will likely require you to have liability coverage before they hire you. Skyward can help you understand how—and where—to get the best coverage for your business at affordable rates.
UAV Insurance
Meet the Skyward team.


“Sky-Futures, who provide UAS inspections to the Oil and Gas industry globally, engaged with Skyward in order to write their Section 333 Exemption Petition. Skyward’s deep understanding of the complex regulatory environment in the United States was invaluable to ensure that the Sky-Futures Section 333 was both fit for purpose, well reasoned, and ensured the highest chance of success at the first attempt.”
Nick Rogers
Training and Legislation Director, Sky-Futures
“Skyward has enabled us to obtain our license from the CAA and operate our business commercially. As a startup, we would have been lost without Skyward. Having them on board is like having a team of UAS experts standing behind us and supporting us through anything we might be presented with in this new dynamic industry!”
Adam Cockerill
Co-Founder, AirVu
“There is no question that Skyward maintains a set of core values and behaviors that emphasizes safety as an overriding priority and we are confident that the Skyward systems ensure safety by design and not by luck. It is that commitment to safety that places Skyward in the most desirable class of insurance risks worldwide, We only expect that culture of safety and market desirability to increase in the future.”
Terry Miller
President, Transport Risk Management, Inc.
“In the Ravens’ Video Department, we strive to discover new technologies that will improve the way we capture and deliver analytical video to our coaches, players and personnel department. Over the past few years we’ve come to recognize that drone technologies offer some of the greatest potential in capturing aerial footage, which is the core of our operation. We also realized early in the process that commercial drone operations are strictly regulated by the FAA. We looked for the right partner to help us become compliant with these regulations before implementing a drone solution.Skyward has proven to us very quickly that they will be there every step of the way. From developing the appropriate drone program for our team, to submitting our 333 exemption request to the FAA, helping secure ideal insurance coverage and providing us the necessary software to log our flights; Skyward has proven to be the best solution for the Ravens. Through Skyward’s expertise and relationships with the FAA, we have gained utmost confidence that Skyward is not only the right partner for us, but a great total package for any company looking to incorporate drone into their business models.”
Jon Dubé
Jon Dubé
Senior Director of Football Video Operations, Baltimore Ravens