Skyward’s mobile team is excited to announce a big update to our InFlight mobile ground control system: operation planning and mobile LAANC requests. We’ve been working hard to bring the power and versatility of Skyward’s cloud software platform to mobile, and we’re ready with the next step.

Just last month, Skyward released a major update to the advanced airspace intelligence map on both web and mobile platforms. The update included an all-new airspace design, clear LAANC grids, and a redesigned user experience. It also integrated essential ground intelligence, including information on transmission lines, pedestrian walking paths, and over 1 million vertical obstacles—as well as 3D views of key structures. Not only can drone pilots easily see where they are allowed to fly, but they can also understand what other obstacles may present problems for drone operations.

Now, we’re continuing to improve our software platforms and provide our customers with more tools and greater access to succeed in all their drone operation goals.

Here’s what’s new in InFlight:

1. Create and plan flights from mobile

In an ideal world, every drone operation could be planned from the office well in advance, and there would be plenty of time to evaluate flight areas. But that often isn’t realistic. Sometimes you need to create new operations right away from the field.

Now you can plan flight areas, check airspace, and deploy without ever leaving InFlight. Gone are the days of pulling out a laptop and hotspotting a connection just to create a new operation in Skyward. You can create new operations in seconds directly from the airspace intelligence map.

Just tap the area you want to operate in to drop a pin and see complete airspace information. Then press the “New Operation” button, set your flight area, and edit operation details as desired.

Skyward InFlight mobile GCS now supports flight planning in the field
Skyward syncs all your operations, whether created on the web or mobile, so they are available wherever you go.

2. LAANC requests in the field

Even more exciting: we’ve brought LAANC integration into the field to allow you faster, greater access to controlled airspace. With LAANC, you can request access to airspace around airports and receive authorizations in near-real time.

To request LAANC in InFlight, create a new operation as described above. If your operation touches any LAANC-enabled controlled airspace, a “Get LAANC” button will be highlighted. You can set your altitude limits, request an authorization, and receive a response within seconds. Your official Notice of Authorization from the FAA will be available in the app.

Skyward InFlight Mobile GCS now supports LAANC requests in the field.

3. Further coordination

If you need to fly above LAANC altitude limits in controlled airspace, InFlight also supports further coordination LAANC requests. Please note: further coordination, which is already available in the Skyward web app, is NOT automatic and can take up to 90 days to review. Be sure to plan ahead!

When creating a LAANC request, enter the maximum height you will need (up to 400 feet). For further coordination, enter a justification explaining how you will ensure safety. This information will be submitted alongside your LAANC data for approval.

With mobile flight planning, LAANC integration, and further coordination, Skyward offers our Business and Enterprise subscribers even better tools to ensure safe, compliant drone operations on the job. Skyward’s advanced airspace intelligence continues to be the best drone management solution for enterprises. 

Learn more about Skyward’s new airspace intelligence or request a demo to get started.