Skyward Mapping & Modeling

Create 2D maps and 3D models from drone data

Transform your drone data into business-ready deliverables

Skyward Mapping & Modeling enables customers to process drone data into 2D orthomosaics and 3D models.

Process data from nearly any drone

Process data from nearly any drone

Build 2D maps and 3D models from drone photos captured with Skyward InFlight or the flight app of your choice.

Analyze maps & models

Analyze maps & models

Mark and annotate maps to measure distance, area, location, and elevation. Take volume measurements to estimate cut and fill volume data.

Export for 3rd-party apps

Export for 3rd-party apps

Export maps and models for advanced analysis in other applications. Download a quality report to measure accuracy.

Integrated Drone Photogrammetry

Skyward Mapping & Modeling is powered by Pix4D, a market leader in photogrammetry software technology, enabling you to get business-ready deliverables and quality results from your drone data. With the power of Pix4D, Skyward customers can create, view, measure, and export 2D maps and 3D models from Skyward’s web app. Skyward’s entire Drone Management Platform helps customers manage programs of any size.

Use Skyward to log every operation, request LAANC access to controlled airspace, and minimize hassle while streamlining operations. Collect data with Skyward InFlight or the flight app of your choice, then create and view maps and models from Skyward’s web app. 

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Download Sample Drone Datasets

Want to try Skyward Mapping & Modeling for yourself? Use these real-world datasets captured by the Skyward team.

To give it a try, start a free trial of Skyward. Download a dataset to your computer, then upload it into Skyward Mapping & Modeling to see it in action.

Datasets are for demo use only. Unauthorized use or distribution prohibited.

Dataset: Office Building Dataset: Solar Site

Skyward Is a Premier Pix4D Reseller

Skyward is your single, trusted point of contact for all your drone program’s software, from pre-flight planning to post-flight processing. As a premier reseller of Pix4D desktop and cloud applications, we can help you find a solution that meets your drone program’s needs — whether you need an integrated solution or third-party software.

If you’re looking for deeper insights or need specific data outputs, Skyward offers the full suite of Pix4D solutions from large scale photogrammetry to emergency response mapping. Let us know about your drone program, and we’ll help you find the application that meets your data processing needs.

Contact Skyward for a quote and more info.



For sophisticated photogrammetry, PIX4Dmapper offers advanced data processing for survey grade results.



For streamlined industrial inspections, PIX4Dinspect offers digital visualization and AI-powered analysis of assets.



For CAD ready deliverables, PIX4Dsurvey offers vectorizing and 3D element extraction for survey purposes.



For emergency response and public safety, PIX4Dreact offers rapid 2D mapping in the field.



For large scale photogrammetry, PIX4Dmatic offers optimized data processing to accurately map corridors and bigger datasets.



For precision agriculture, PIX4Dfields offers digital farm mapping, crop health analysis, and more.



For cloud-based photogrammetry, PIX4Dcloud offers online drone mapping, progress tracking, and site records.

Help Center

How to Use Drone Mapping & Modeling

Skyward's Help Center offers a step-by-step walkthrough of Skyward Mapping & Modeling. Check it out to learn how to create 3D maps and 2D models with your drone.

Skyward Help Center

Skyward Mapping & Modeling FAQ

What are the system requirements?

Because this processing is being done in the cloud, there are no system requirements to use Skyward Mapping & Modeling. How fast you can upload images for processing will be based on your internet connection.

What browsers and operating systems are supported?

Skyward’s web app is a cloud-based platform that runs in your browser. On Windows, we support Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. On Mac, we support Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

How many images can I process?

Users can upload up to 4,000 images per project.

When exporting Mapping & Modeling projects, what options and file formats are available?

Currently, projects can be exported in the following formats: Orthomosaic (.tif), DSM (.tif), Point Cloud (.las), Mesh OBJ (.zip), Mesh FBX (.fbx)

Can ground control points (GCPs) be used in Skyward Mapping & Modeling?

Yes! Skyward supports automatic ground control point (GCP) detection for square and diagonal targets, as well as propeller aeropoints. You can learn how to use GCPs in the Skyward Help Center.

How do I calculate a volume measurement in Skyward Mapping & Modeling?

Access your project’s 2D map and select the “Draw Volume Polygon” tool. Place points around the perimeter of the feature you’re measuring. Select your base surface type and click “Calculate Volume.” Pix4D will automatically calculate cut and fill values and include the margin of error.

Visit the Skyward blog for more details on volume measurements.

Can a project without image geolocation be processed in Skyward Mapping & Modeling?

At this time, Skyward Mapping & Modeling only processes geotagged images.

What is the output coordinate system of a project processed by Skyward Mapping & Modeling?

The output will use the same coordinate system the images are tagged with.

What happens if I close my browser while my images are being processed?

Once all images in your dataset have been uploaded, you can close your browser without impacting the processing of your data product. However, if you close your browser during the upload process, you will lose all progress on the upload and have to start over.

How long will my dataset take to process?

Processing time will vary depending on the number of images being processed. In general, it will take 30-45 minutes for every 100 images in the dataset.

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