I’m happy to announce that Skyward is partnering with Unleash live, which provides a livestream platform for drones and customized artificial intelligence solutions. Unleash live offers a turnkey solution that enables companies to get fast and actionable data from the drone and into the hands of the people who need it most. We believe this partnership will increase the value and efficiency drones bring to enterprises. 

As of today, Skyward Business & Enterprise subscribers can buy Unleash live as an add-on to other Skyward products and services, and our Customer Success Team will provide onboarding and support. 

I first learned about Unleash live last year. We were preparing to remotely launch a drone in downtown LA from the CES stage in Las Vegas for Verizon’s big 5G keynote presentation. We needed a livestream solution — ideally one that would showcase the enormous potential of 5G. When we found Unleash live, I saw how well it would solve some of our enterprise customers’ most common challenges. Specifically, as they’ve scaled up their drone programs with Skyward, we’ve seen how their need for real-time collaboration and advanced data processing has increased. 

Skyward and Unleash live partnership includes data modeling, livestreaming and custom AI

Unleash live helps customers in three ways:

1. Streamlined collaboration with livestreaming and media management

The Unleash livestreaming platform allows drone operators to share a real-time video from a drone to unlimited users on any device using a weblink. This means experts anywhere in the world can collaborate, analyze, and react to drone data immediately, and there’s no need to fly subject matter experts on site to analyze drone data or wait for the pilot in the field to complete a flight and upload data into the cloud for viewing. Footage is secure, accessible, and time, location, and device-stamped for clarity. Unleash live doesn’t require viewers to create accounts, and there’s no limit on the number of viewers. 

If it doesn’t make sense to view drone data in real time, Unleash live stores the data in a secure, searchable index. For companies with distributed teams of pilots, this feature is a huge time saver and organizational asset. 

2. Data modeling 

Unleash live’s data modeling platform produces 2D and 3D models, pointclouds, and annotations and provides access to unlimited people in real time. 

In addition, Unleash live also provides:

  • Restream: The ability to pass an existing livestream to another platform.
  • Layered 2D orthomosaics: Present more reliable and up-to-date imagery of an area of interest, with comparing layers of orthomosaics over time, as well as before-and-after images to show progression.
  • 3D models: Bring a design to life with vivid 3D models.
  • Point clouds: Obtain precise data and reduce survey time.
  • Virtual reality: Create impressive immersive experiences for your clients.
  • Annotation: Annotate an orthomosaic with type, severity, and commentary for maintenance and reporting.

3. Custom AI development 

We’re also excited to expand our professional services portfolio with the addition of Unleash live’s custom AI development. For mature drone programs, video footage can be used to build AI models to speed up infrastructure inspections and auditing. By applying a layer of custom AI to live video and images, Unleash live acts as a smart assistant. It equips enterprises with information and insights that may drive down costs, increase accuracy, improve safety, and reduce resolution time. All media is automatically saved securely in the cloud, improving both data storage and workflow.

Custom AI professional services are best suited for companies with sophisticated drone programs. AI is useful for enterprises seeking the next level of productivity gains through actionable data. I see strong potential for customers in energy and mining, infrastructure, public utilities, and Smart cities. 

Here at Skyward and Verizon, we like to say that not every problem has an AI solution — just like not every problem has a drone solution. With both technologies, it’s important to have the basics in place and adopt a crawl-walk-run approach to adoption. Unleash live supports the same ramped approach. While AI is exciting, we recommend mastering livestreaming and data storage before adopting AI and automating workflows. 

Watch a product overview at the link below. If you’re interested in learning more, fill out the form, and our team will get in touch with you.

Learn more about Skyward + Unleash live, including a product overview at https://go.skyward.io/Unleash-Live.html