This week, the commercial drone industry in the U.S. got a major upgrade with the release of Part 107, and a little later this afternoon, Skyward will be getting a major upgrade of its own. We’re introducing entirely new features just in time for the long weekend, and our new mobile app will be ready to download early next week.

*Note: Skyward no longer supports the SkywardIO Mobile App. But good news: we do offer Skyward InFlight GCS, a complete mobile ground control system and mobile app!

Meet the SkywardIO Mobile App—Coming Early Next Week!

Our first mobile app, SkywardIO, has been submitted to Google Play and the App Store, and we expect it to be ready to download early next week.

We designed the mobile app specifically for pilots in the field, as a companion to the existing Skyward application. Pilots in the field can use the SkywardIO mobile app to:

  • Access assigned operations offline, record flights in the field, and even log entirely new flights offline that will sync to Skyward when they’re back in range      
  • Conduct a safety check with our preflight reminders
  • For ops directors: dispatch updated flight plans to your crew

SkywardIO is available to every Skyward subscriber.

Looking for Jobs? Create Your Pilot Profile

If you’re a small business or a pilot looking for customers, Skyward is making it easy for prospective clients to find you. The first step? Create and publish your Pilot Profile to share your expertise and flight hours. When larger businesses and major corporations need to find a pilot for a job, they’ll be able to use Skyward to search for pilots that meet their criteria and contact you through the new Skyward Message Center.

  • This opt-in feature is available to every Skyward user
  • Showcase your areas of expertise and the services you provide
  • Display total and historical flight hours
  • Include your qualifications (for example, Part 107 certificate, sport pilot’s license or an SFOC)
  • Also includes: your insurance coverage, business address, and service area (in other words, how far you’re willing to travel)
  • Remember to include a clear photo and a note to potential customers in the About section

Looking for Qualified Pilots? Use Skyward’s Pilot Finder (Coming Soon!)

Business and Enterprise subscribers who need pilots for a one-off project or to build a far-flung network of qualified pilots-on-call will be able to use Skyward to search for and contact qualified pilots through the new Message Center. You’ll be able to specify location, select desired services, and even filter by drone manufacturer. Skyward will display a list of organizations that meet your criteria so you can compare drone service providers by flight hours, experience, insurance coverage, and more. Then, you’ll be able to immediately reach out to them via the Skyward Message Center.

The Skyward Airspace Map

In the U.S., Part 107 rules have taken effect, so we’ve updated the Skyward Airspace Map to reflect Part 107 rules. Just uncheck the“Civil COA Required” box in the map’s Commercial Airspace legend. If you’re still flying under a 333 Exemption, leave it checked.

We’ve also added complete regulatory and airspace data for the entirety of Australia.

Flight Logs: Imports & Reports

Many of our customers have told us that they are maintaining disparate flight logs in multiple systems. This is a recipe for serious administrative confusion down the road—not what we want for our customers. To that end, pilots can now upload multiple flights recorded in other systems into your Skyward organization via csv file from Excel or another spreadsheet application. To make this easy, we’ve included a csv template in Skyward that a user can download, populate with your flight log, and import into Skyward.

Pilots can also download a report of flight activity from Skyward, and admins can download a report for each of the pilots in their organization for a complete overview of pilot activity.

Finally, if you’ll be at InterDrone next week, so will I and other members of the Skyward team. Stop by our booth (#505), collect some swag, and say hi—we’d love to meet you in person.