We gave Skyward a major upgrade yesterday evening, just in time for the long weekend. Here in the U.S., we’ll be taking some time off to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends and family. No matter where in the world you are, please know that all of us at Skyward are so grateful for our customers, friends, and regular webinar attendees who have joined us on this journey.

The Skyward engineering team has made a number of back-end enhancements that will improve speed and overall performance. We’ve also made some upgrades that you’ll notice right away.

Several high-value enhancements

  • You can now once again upload files from the DJI GO app. For all of our many customers who fly DJI aircraft, this is very good news.
  • When you log in, you’ll see a streamlined dashboard (see above).  
  • Operations created with the SkywardIO mobile app in the field sync with your operations list.  
  • We brought back unique 10-digit operation ID numbers. Some of you told us that you had created operational practices around ID numbers and were sorry to see them go. Here they are again.

Upgrades to Skyward’s Interactive Airspace Map

Our geospatial experts have updated the map for the European Union and Australia in order to accurately reflect low-altitude airspace regulations. We’ve also made some performance enhancements. You’ll notice a few new features right away:

VFR sectional now comes with any paid subscription

Business and Enterprise subscribers have had access to the VFR sectional map layer, and now we’ve rolled it out to our Startup subscribers as well.

View multiple flight areas at once

If you have several flights in relative proximity to each other, seeing them together in the same map view can help to improve project management, travel plans, and the flight crew’s situational awareness.

This feature gives you a better understanding of your flight ops. It can also help with planning which flight crews you assign to a specific location and increase your overall efficiency.  

Edit flight areas

Previously, if you made a mistake when creating a flight area, you had to recreate it from scratch—frustrating! Now you’ll be able to edit a flight area:

  • Add, remove, and move polygon points
  • Increase or decrease the diameters of circular flight areas
  • Move a flight area to a different part of the map