Efficient, Configurable, Connected

Skyward’s best-in-class operations management platform supports drone operations across industries

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Small businesses and major corporations use Skyward to manage efficient, low-risk operations in multiple industries:

  • Media
  • Inspection & surveying
  • Oil & gas
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Utilities
  • Higher education

Construction & Engineering

From 3D models and site surveys to marketing videos and inspections, efficient drone ops help engineering firms and construction companies save time and money, access new data, and realize new revenue streams.

Skyward helps engineering & construction companies:

  • Standardize procedures across every job site
  • Run a safe, insurable operation
  • Create efficient workflows for every use case
  • Connect to qualified contract pilots that meet your criteria
Free construction resource:

Drones in Construction: A Guide to Launching Your Program

If you’re thinking about adding drones to your construction site, you have a lot to consider: how to operate safely, which drones to invest in, meeting regulatory requirements, creating an efficient workflow, and collaborating across teams.

At Skyward, we support commercial drone operations of all sizes, and we fly commercially ourselves. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.


Small farms and major agribusinesses are using drones to access new and more frequent data streams that are enabling them to irrigate smarter, prevent pests, identify disease as early as possible, close the weather gap, and maximize yields.

Skyward supports precision agriculture:

  • Expertly validated airspace map shows easy-to-understand airspace information & temporary flight restrictions
  • One place for managing aircraft & battery maintenance, flight logs, job specs, insurance information, & contractor forms
  • Connecting you to qualified contract pilots with expertise in providing the data models you require


From house fires and auto collisions to flood and hurricane damage, drones are giving insurance companies a way to inspect claims faster—and more safely—than ever before.

Skyward helps insurance companies:

  • Know where it’s safe to fly & where you need special permission
  • Mitigate risks & enforce standard operating procedures across divisions & jurisdictions
  • Understand the totality of drone activities
  • One place to manage equipment & personnel; store licenses & documentation
Skyward helps insurance companies


Drones are reporting the news, providing spectacular footage, and helping viewers see the world in brand-new ways. Film, television, and media companies rely on Skyward for help with launching, managing, and scaling some of the most complex drone operations in the world.

Skyward supports media:

  • Connect with qualified contract pilots to report on breaking news, all over the world
  • Manage a combination of far-flung insourced & outsourced flight crews
  • Track equipment locations & maintenance schedules
  • Reduce human error in stressful situations & run a safe, insurable operation
Free media resource:

Drones in News Media: Get into the air quickly, safely, and legally

There’s a lot to consider when launching a drone program, especially at a large media company. After all, drones are still an emerging technology, and the last thing you want is to become the news because of an on-the-scene mishap.

This eBook: Drones in News Media, can help you weigh the risks and advantages of investing in a drone program. See what drones can bring to your newsroom—and find out if they’re right for you.