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Skyward transforms drones into a tool for improving results across your entire company
“Skyward was the biggest factor in getting our drone program approved. Our legal team loved the thoroughness of the software and the ability to document pilots. All of our information is on the web and contained in one database, so all of our district teams, our legal team, and the safety team can access this information whenever they need to.”
Richard Lopez
Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
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Standardize Processes, Mitigate Risks, and Manage Distributed Teams

Manage flight ops across multiple divisions & jurisdictions

No matter how large your operation grows, Skyward makes it easy to manage your most important assets: pilots & equipment.

  • View easy-to-understand airspace intelligence for the entire world with Skyward’s expertly validated airspace map.
  • Log flights, import data, and download reports
  • Store each crew member’s flight experience, documentation & credentials

Ensure that all of your teams operate efficiently

Configure Skyward to meet your unique business requirements and ensure efficiency, whether you have one flight crew or 1,000.

  • Plan jobs & collaborate with your crew in advance, so they know what’s expected & don’t waste time in the field
  • Include preflight, post-flight, and emergency checklists (use Skyward’s or your own)
  • Draw flight areas on Skyward’s interactive airspace map to provide in-field instructions & mark hazards for your crew
  • Assign crew members & equipment

Make compliance part of the day-to-day workflow

With Skyward, you can make corporate compliance & legal requirements, as well as regulatory & insurance standards, part of every job.

  • Use our global interactive airspace map to easily understand regulations, view flight restrictions, & plan jobs
  • Ensure your aircraft are well maintained & airworthy
  • Use our customizable General Operating Manual and Operational Checklists—or your own—to ensure safe, standardized processes

Scaling Your Program: Insource or Outsource?

When it comes to flight ops, most major corporations do both. In this video, see how Stantec, one of the top-three design and engineering firms in the world, manages enterprise drone operations, and how major telecom companies rely on Talon to inspect thousands of cellular towers per year.
Launching Commercial Drone Operations
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The Essential Guide to Launching Commercial Drone Operations

If you’re launching a commercial drone operation, you have a lot to consider: how to operate safely, which drones to invest in, meeting regulatory requirements, creating an efficient workflow, and collaborating across teams.
At Skyward, we support commercial drone operations of all sizes, and we fly commercially ourselves. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. This eBook will show you:
  • The seven things every successful drone operation has in common
  • The flight planning process that Skyward uses for safety, efficiency, and collaboration
  • Criteria for evaluating the most suitable UAVs for your business
  • How to meet insurance and regulatory requirements
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