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Use the Skyward Airspace Map, including instant access to fly in controlled airspace via the FAA’s LAANC
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“Skyward gives us an excellent opportunity to tell the world who we are, what our qualifications are, and the types of services we provide. It’s just the visibility we need as we look to connect with new clients in this rapidly expanding market.”
Justin Moore, Chief Pilot
Airborne Aerial Photography, San Antonio Texas

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Safe Access to Controlled Airspace

Skyward is an FAA-approved LAANC airspace vendor.

  • See where it’s safe to fly on the Airspace Map and get FAA approval in seconds
  • Skyward will update the Airspace Map with more airports as they become available
  • Available with any subscription tier, including our free Pilot subscription

Always know where it’s safe to fly

Skyward’s expertly validated airspace map shows you where it’s safe to fly and where you may need special permission, anywhere in the world.

  • Updates every five minutes, including temporary flight restrictions
  • VFR sectional available with any paid account
  • Interactive map allows you to draw flight areas, measure distances, & mark hazards—great for sharing with customers

Prove your experience

Show that you’re a pro by using Skyward as your business’s system of record.

  • Historical flight hours, logged flights, & flight log imports prove the totality of your flight experience
  • Document storage for pilot’s licenses, insurance policies, landowner permission, tax forms, & scopes of work available with any paid account
  • Provide proof of process to regulators, insurers, & corporate clients
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Launching Commercial Drone Operations
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65 Pro Tips for Running Your Business

In this guide, we’ve included 65 pro tips on all aspects of running an aerial services business from experts at Skyward, Drone Pilot Ground School, and PrecisionHawk.

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