Update September 15, 2020:

PORTLAND, Ore. And Paris – ​Today, ​Skyward, A Verizon company, and ​Parrot​, the leading European drone group, announced their partnership to deliver Parrot ANAFI drones along with Skyward drone program management, flight log sync, and training to U.S. enterprises. In particular, the new ANAFI USA drone speaks to a widespread need among U.S. companies and public agencies for a secure, high-end drone manufactured domestically. Sold by Skyward, the ANAFI USA and training package gives enterprises a one-stop shop for building and scaling a drone program with aircraft, policies and procedures, training, and automatic flight log sync to the software platform to manage it all.

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Know Your Drone: Parrot ANAFI with Skyward Sync

Skyward’s continuing partnership with Parrot.

July 7, 2016

It’s hard to overstate how hugely popular senseFly aircraft are among many of our most sophisticated customers—specifically the eBee and albris.

It’s easy to see why: senseFly machines live up to the Swiss reputation for quality. Safe, ultralight, beautifully designed, and easy to use, senseFly drones are favorites of true pros, especially those specializing in surveying, mapping, and GIS. These are top-of-the-line drones for a reason—they get the job done.

So I couldn’t be more excited that we have teamed up with them to deliver a seamless level of service to commercial drone operators who use senseFly aircraft. A division of Parrot Group, senseFly was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2009 by a team of robotics researchers and is now the industry leader in professional mapping drones.

What does this mean, exactly? All senseFly operators who subscribe to Skyward will have their own preconfigured Skyward account with senseFly flight log import, senseFly manuals, customized pre-flight checklists, and other information specific to senseFly operations.

For the pros who depend on senseFly aircraft for their day-to-day work, having access to Skyward will make their business safer, more efficient, and easier to manage. senseFly pilots will have complete access to the Skyward operations management platform, including our up-to-date interactive airspace map, tools to plan and log flights, personnel and equipment management, and a system of record to easily meet and track regulatory and insurance requirements.

And of course, these operators will also have access to our team of regulatory and drone operations experts.

Over the past six months when I’d meet with senseFly CEO, Jean-Christophe Zuffrey, we’d talk about drones as tools for getting real work done, and we shared a view for how the full business workflow for employing these machines could flow easily across our platforms. We envision an elegant and efficient experience for our common customers that moves from operational planning into the field and seamlessly into a system of record.

Philosophically, our two companies are a natural match: We’re both committed to providing the highest level of technology to support professional UAS pilots and their business operations—senseFly by making cutting-edge drones and Skyward by making an airspace map and operations management platform, the context those drones fly in. These are the tools needed by this new generation of aviation pioneers, and we’re honored to be providing them together.

As a drone flies, Portland, Oregon is 8654 km from Lausanne, Switzerland—but it suddenly feels a whole lot closer.

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